Sunday, March 15, 2009

Would A Scientist Lie To You ?

One thing that needs more discussion in astrological circles is whether astrology is a science or an art; or, some of both.

The trickiest part of this issue is whether the science some astrologers try to incorporate into their work is Real Science...

I hadn't imagined that my other blog would be contributing to this one since this blog is all about You helping me with the huge task of revising and expanding my little, free astrology book. I'll definitely be exploring this relation of science and astrology in the new version of my book.

Well, the unexpected happened! I just finished a post on the other blog that speaks to the whole issue of whether the science practiced in the mainstream can be trusted...

Check out Would A Scientist Lie To You ? and come on back and leave Your Thoughts and Feelings!!


Mats i det blå said...

Hi Alex!

I think astrology is both an art and a science - not in the modern, academic sense of the word, of course, but in a more ancient (and future!) and holistic sense. It might be compared to other forms of "sacred science" like mathematics, geometry and number symbolism.

They are all based on actual reality but have to be understood and put into practice by human beings. And so they can be looked upon as both science and art.

Astrology is a holistic science and art in the sense that everything is considered and nothing is left out. The Zodiac wheel contains all there is and the seven (or nine or ten or whatever) planets together represent the entire creative/sustaining/dissolving consciousness/force that is operating within this great everything and in which we all partake.

To me that is more what "science" (knowing) is, or should be, than the random experiments and tentative theories that usually go by that name.


Alexander M Zoltai said...


I must agree, completely with everything you say!

It's so refreshing to communicate with a resonant soul!!

~ Alex

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