Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Shattering Truth...

In our continuing voyage into the solar system from far within our unconscious minds (just like the readers of my book, Astrological Repair Manual, a free download) we come to a point where we must face the Utter Truth...

What's your reaction when you know the truth you've glimpsed will bring major change to your life, change that may mean letting some treasured things be left behind?

I'll let part of chapter four in the book, about Uranus and its 84-year cycle, speak for me:

"When we look at the half and quarter cycles of this function, some very interesting meanings emerge. The half-cycle is 42 years—smack in the middle of middle age. The quarter-cycle first occurs at 21—an age at which many of us have an insatiable urge to irrevocably separate from parental dictates, even if we’ve already made a physical separation...

"But separation isn’t an absolutely necessary part of Uranus’ function. It does accompany many folks’ experience of this unconscious power but, if we’re prepared for
the action of transformation and are fully ready to face the truth of a situation, we can navigate the changes and keep our treasured possessions—mental, emotional or physical.

"If we contemplate one twelfth of a Uranus cycle, we see some of the reason for what people have called the '7-year-itch'.

"Since one of the purposes of Uranus’ cycle is facing and incorporating the rock-bottom, radical truth, I want to say a few words about 'Good & Bad', 'Positive & Negative', and 'Abstract & Concrete'.

"We’ve been dealing with some big abstract concepts so far: Regeneration [Pluto], Idealism [Neptune], Transformation [Uranus]; and, as we travel in closer to the Sun, we’ll be dealing with concepts that will feel a lot more concrete. Truth is, there’s an abstract and concrete side to most everything. The events we live through as we regenerate [Pluto], idealize [Neptune], and transform [Uranus] are quite concrete. Similarly, when we get to the functions that appear mostly concrete, we’ll still have the abstract psychological powers lurking behind them.

"As far as the polarities of 'Good/Bad' and 'Positive/Negative' are concerned, the truth of the matter is that the old maxims about focusing on the positive bringing good and focusing on the negative bringing bad are fascinatingly true. The catch is that you have to absolutely focus on the positive and, before you can do that, you have to absolutely know what the most positive view is.

"And, when it comes to astrology in general, it's very important to remain rigorously positive. Even if some of the books on astrology detail various negative qualities and, even if you find your expression of those factors as negative, you still need to focus on the positive. How else can you change negative to positive?

"Plus, there's a harmful practice that's too prevalent in astrology, where people use the negative interpretations of astrological factors to excuse their negative behavior—'Sure I do that. It's because I'm a (fill in the blank).'.

"One of Uranus’ functions is to bring us the shattering truth when we’ve been either purposefully or unknowingly clinging to half- or partial-truths. This can be painful or shocking but, when we get to the other side of any crisis, we can usually see the wisdom of the 'unnecessary' strife. And, even if we still can’t make sense of what’s happened, there are the functions of Neptune and Pluto out there (in here) to help us dissolve the clinging falsehoods and bring them to a state of regenerative wholeness.

"Yes, I’m a hopeless optimist! But my experience of life has included a great quantity of shock and pain and dissolution and, thank God, necessary regeneration. What I’m left with after all this inner work is the ineradicable conviction that life has many tests and trials, we all must face some of them, and we all have the sacred duty to maintain our faith and hopefulness that we will see the truth, we will find the dream, and we will experience rebirth into ever-higher understanding and meaningfulness.

"If not... there’s hell to pay!"

Please do respond in the comments! New to astrology? Great!! As my instructors used to say, "There's no stupid question except the one you don't ask..."
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