Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mending by Breaking...

brokenOften, the youthful surge of creativity blasts into set patterns and breaks their hold on further growth...

Back on these dates (the last Uranus conjunct Saturn)

12 Feb 1988 at 30 Sagittarius
26 Jun 1988 at 29 Sagittarius
18 Oct 1988 at 28 Sagittarius

the world did have a surge of youthful Uranian creativity that transformed former Saturnian patterns
(see Making The Big Leap... for an exploration of this...). Since then, we all have been working to use the creative thrust to inform a new pattern. The following dates (Saturn opposed Uranus)

4 Nov 2008 at 19 Pisces/Virgo
5 Feb 2009 at 21 Pisces/Virgo
15 Sep 2009 at 25 Pisces/Virgo
26 Apr 2010 at 29 Pisces/Virgo
26 Jul 2010 at 1 Libra/Aries

are when we have the opportunity to see clearly the new Saturnian pattern we've fashioned to hold the Uranian spirit...

After this series of oppositions, we will all be able to infuse these, hopefully, well-formed, transformational patterns into our collective social lives.

If you happen to have not utilized these aspects positively, Now is the time to realign your energies and intentions...

Let's use the B.I.D.E. Interpretive System to explore various ways to do this
(please reference the Information Site for the full System and guides for it's use {also via the red link in the right panel}).

First we need the meanings for Uranus and Saturn:

Breaking Obsolete Traditions of
Seeking the Truth of
Exploring Fresh Ideas about


Next, we need the Signs involved (I'll wait till we're closer to the date for Aries/Libra);

Sympathetic Awareness
Compassionate Understanding
Universal Feeling
Visionary Initiative

Systems and Techniques
Careful Considerations
a Service Attitude

And, finally, the meanings for the Opposition:

Resonants in Polarity with
Helps Realign the Situation Toward Sharing by
Creates the Energy to Become More Inclusive by
Is Reborn into a Larger Sphere of Activity by

I'm going to choose the meanings I feel best express the current state of the world as regards these functions and energies and their relationship. Note that, due to the organic philosophy of planetary-pair aspects, I'm putting the slower planet first...

Breaking Obsolete Traditions of Universal Feeling
Is Reborn into a Larger Sphere of Activity by
Clarifying a Service Attitude.

Obviously, from Your perspective, other choices may be more appropriate. Also, when the House meanings are added, the whole thrust of the situation becomes more explicit. I'll put my own House placements into that last Symbolic Sentence as an example:

Breaking Obsolete Traditions of Universal Feeling in order to Be Aware of My Worth
Is Reborn into a Larger Sphere of Activity by
Clarifying a Service Attitude in order to Merge With Others.

Yes, very seemingly abstract—quite a mouth-full—yet, for me, very personally meaningful...

I'd love to see some of Your personal examples in the Comments.........
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