Saturday, March 14, 2009

Way Out There . . . and, Way In Here...

We're staying out here in the realm of Xena for a while. If you don't know what I mean by Xena, please download my free astrology book.

This blog is dedicated to exploring the ideas in the book and, hopefully, learning from all of you the "flavor" and "style" of the revised and expanded version I'm working on. I could very well learn a lot more than just "flavor and style" from my readers here... We shall see...

So, in Chapter One of the book, Xena and the Hordes, I say, "...the meaning of Xena's full cycle could only be useful in understanding things like the rise and fall of civilizations." Of course, with that said, I must add (for those who have yet to read the first edition of my book) that Xena (officially known as Eris) takes about 560 years to make a full cycle around the Sun, putting it about 97 times farther from the Sun than we are. I go on to say, "...we’re in the space [since, in the book, the reader is in a spacecraft coming back into our System] that symbolizes the deeper unconscious mind—the part of our minds that sends us dreams and answers questions we haven’t thought of yet—a mind we all share and which underlies the shaping of humanity's largest social structures, deepest concepts, and most spiritual forces."

Chapters Two, Three, and Four deal with Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus (also cycles of the unconscious) but, like I said, we'll linger out here in the deepest space of our unconscious for a few posts.

The last post talked briefly about "boundaries" and I hope you caught my ironic attitude toward them. Thousands of years ago, Saturn was considered the boundary of the solar system; then the traditional Transcendentals: Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Now Xena is the most distant known object. But is she a boundary? I'd rather call her the latest portal to an endless journey into the deepest and highest aspects of our human spirit!

To quote Carl Jung again:

"'All that is outside, also is inside', we could say with Goethe. But this 'inside', which modern rationalism is so eager to derive from 'outside', has an a priori structure of its own that antedates all conscious experience. It is quite impossible to conceive how 'experience' in the widest sense, or, for that matter, anything psychic, could originate exclusively in the outside world. The psyche is part of the inmost mystery of life, and it has its own peculiar structure and form like every other organism. Whether this psychic structure and its elements, the archetypes, ever 'originated' at all is a metaphysical question and therefore unanswerable. The structure is something given, the precondition that is found to be present in every case. And this is the mother, the matrix—the form into which all experience is poured."

To tie this into astrological practice, I would only add that this unconscious Matrix (the outermost portal of which is Xena) mirrors the outside conditions of the solar system. We humans have a 560-year cycle, as well as many more a bit longer and a bit shorter. In 2015, humans will witness the passage of the New Horizons spacecraft through the environs of Pluto. Then it will head into the zone that Xena inhabits. I contend that this passage of a human artifact through that arena of space will coincide with a few eager and open individuals becoming more deeply aware of human potential but, definitely, not through some physical sensing of the spacecraft; rather through the synchronicity between the spacecraft's passage and the growth of human awareness. I also contend that humanity will mirror some of the meanings that cycles of the 500 year and longer variety reveal...

What do you think?

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