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Israel_FlagIsrael's Chart is only the fifth (following Obama, Joplin, Presley, and Hitler) considered in this blog; and, that's out of 34 posts.

I began the blog in March to introduce my (free-to-download) book and its unique interpretive system to a larger audience, first by taking the time to post the chapters here. I also began the blog to seriously play with the system—show it's usefulness and adaptability. And, since it's an interpretive system, I also hope my readers will offer their alternative interpretations of the charts I present. I'll be using any feedback I receive to help shape the next ten volumes in the series...

The system is Positive, Affirmative, and User-Customizable. Each combination of Planet/Sign/House has at least 64 different interpretations. The book has 14 chapters that explore my "philosophy" of astrology and include instructions for operating the system in the back of the book. I've also prepared a stand-alone guide for the system that's also a free download.

Now, to consider certain factors in the chart of Israel. As far as any commentary on the actions of the State of Israel, I leave that to the Media and Encyclopedists. My system of interpretation was created to help people get to the most honest and positive interpretations of charts so the inner essence of a person, country, or situation could be explored and used to improve our human family's journey on this fantastic planet. The Symbolic Sentences that are created with the system are WordSymbols and need their own brand of interpretation to be used in social, personal, and practical situations. One of my undying convictions is that there is absolutely no use for an astrology that looks for the "good" and "bad", or even the "beneficial" and afflicted". I have thoroughly and exhaustively explored those flavors of astrology and found them dangerous—to my own psyche and to the spirit of those I counsel...

We should be spending the fleeting moments we have on this Earth applying our energies to finding the Best solutions to the challenge presented in every chart we examine.


Here are the Sun and Neptune (which border and define or shape the major Talents of the State of Israel), and the Moon (which is the basic Style of Israel's developmental growth). Also, I'll use the system to interpret Israel's Jupiter (the Focal Release for the rest of the chart). I won't add any further interpretation to the Symbolic Sentences I create from the system, primarily to leave Space for you to comment on what I've done and/or offer alternative interpretations that You create with the system. {if you feel lost trying to respond to these interpretations or coming up with your own, I encourage you to look back to the posts for Hitler, Obama, Presley, and Joplin for hints and tips...}

Remember, I'm making my own choices from 64 different possibilities. Also, what follows is not what Israel is or isn't doing, right or wrong; it's the Best that Israel is capable of doing...

The Shapers of Israel's Major Talents
Neptune in Libra in the 12th House
Being Idealistic about Considerations of Sharing in order to Realize the Oneness of Life.

Sun in Taurus in the 8th House
Integrating Individual Worth in order to Merge With Others.
Israel's Basic Style of Growth
Moon in Leo in the 10th House
Nourishing Magnanimous Action in order to Realize Its Highest Objective Goals.
The Focal Release of Israel's Potential
Jupiter in Sagittarius in the 3rd House
{being retrograde makes this function operate in highly unique ways}
Expanding an Idealistic Awareness in order to Make Connections.

Your Thoughts, Opinions, Disagreements, Feedback...?

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