Sunday, March 29, 2009

The River of Death...

Not many comments here yet but I'll begin to forge ahead, slowly, more deeply, into our solar system—my book, Astrological Repair Manual (which is a free download), is structured as a flight back into the solar system from the depths of space...

To gain the most from this and the next few posts, I recommend you backtrack and read the posts about Xena and the Hordes...

Pluto, discovered in 1930 (near the beginning of the Great Depression), with a spacecraft due to arrive in 2015, has been a great challenge for the understanding of astrologers.

From the second chapter of the book:

"Did Pluto cause the Great Depression? How loud can I holler, "NO!"?

"Right here, we're at one of the most crucial Repairs of Perception I hope to offer. The planets and their cycles do not cause events. The best that can be said is that humans are born into the solar system and all of its interlocking cycles and, because whatever is included within something else participates in the rhythms of the larger structure, we have cycles in our lives that mirror the cycles of the planets. It's as simple as that. No horrible fates, no in-bred bad traits, no mumbo-jumbo."

And, further:

"...while we're still out here where the meanings are so deep, the important thing to remember is that we all have these nearly-unfathomable meanings in our lives and it can take most of a lifetime to gain even a small amount of understanding. Still and all, knowing about them can often be enough to help us weather the changes they can induce in our lives. And, again, I'm not saying the planets are causing these changes. It's the synchronistic and mirroring cycles in our deeper minds that bring these ponderable changes."

From deeper in the book, here are some basic, positive meanings for the Plutonian cycle:

Getting to the Depths of

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