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Notes from A Newbie . . .

The evolution of this blog has been happening faster than I first anticipated. Due to a few people's responses (and some analysis of the visitor stats), I'm introducing the aspect phrases for the B.I.D.E. Interpretive System.

Just before we read from the notebook of a new student of the System and see how they're blending it with two other systems, I want to draw your attention to the red link in the right panel that says, Information Site. This is a companion site that holds a growing wealth of guides and tips for using the B.I.D.E. System. The latest addition is the > B.I.D.E. Full Aspect Cycle along with an > Example of Using the Aspect Phrases. I'll begin using the aspect phrases along with the Planet/Sign/House interpretations in the next post...

Now, follow along while a newbie experiences their first use of the B.I.D.E. System:
It might help you follow their thinking if you also open the Main Interpretive Page

I'll gladly share the details of what I did.... it's a bit tentative.
Much of how I brought it together was intuitive.... it just strung itself together and went with the flow of me it makes sense...hope it does to you too!!LOL!
It's the basic transcription from my own note book.

So using the interpretive layout that Bernadette Brady offers in her book, I started:
Uranus conjoins Venus opposes Pluto
                    Natal house position
      11                               5                            11

                    Natal House transited
            ---- 5 ------------------ 5 ------

                    House ruled by planet
      5                              1/8                         2/7           (area impacted)

So, using your formula: Breaking Obsolete traditions (Uranus) liberates (conj) my values ( Venus) in order to externalize my creativity (secure my identity) (5H) in the way I express my self (1st) and how emotionally/soul secure I feel. But it opposes/challenges the transformation of Service attitude (Pluto in Virgo) in order to ground my plans (2H) to refresh a relationship (7H)

For the New Moon (June 23) and it's aspects;
New Moon in Taurus in 8th - New energy/cycle of Individual worth (Taurus) in order to Deepen relationship and/or promote/awaken emotional/soul security ( 8th- this being Arroyo's way of defining Houses)

~~Trine AC Libra, ruled by Venus in 5H -triggers rapid development (Trine) of Awareness (Brady's key principle for AC) of Harmonizing attitude in order to value expression of self.

~~Inconjunct Neptune (r) in 2nd H - releasing negative(?) (r) Idealisation (Neptune) of self worth(rather the lack thereof!)

~~Sextile Mars 6th H, ruling the 2&7- thus encountering a chance/opportunity (sext) to act/take action (mars) in order to improve myself impacting the awareness of my worth and refresh a relationship.

~~Trine Mercury 4th H, ruling 12&9- rapid development of communication of/about emotional/soul action (4th), transforming (8th being where the energy comes from)12-how I utilize the resources of my Unconscious Mind and 9 -realize the ideal and learning about my true identity/highest expression

>>I would go to Arroyo's House key word system or to Brady's key words for aspects when the one's provided did not fit the sentence or context....again, it was done intuitively. <<

The previous New Moon was also in my 8th H, and just for fun, I'll interpret it here:
~New Moon in Gemini, 8th - New energy/cycle of Communication ( or intelectual freedom) emotional/soul security


~~Neptune in Scorpio 2nd H/ ruling the 6th- established(natal) idealisation(Neptune) of the desire (need?) to bond deeply (Scorpio) in order to be aware of my worth

Squares/forces adaptation of

~~Mercury in Aquarius,4H, ruling the 12/9 - perception (mercury) of group consciousness in order to ground myself emotionally (4H) ultimately altering how I utilize the Resources of my unconscious Mind (12H) and 9 -realize the ideal and learning about my true identity/highest expression

Background story, very briefly: For the last five years I have been focusing almost exclusively on my spiritual development and evolution. At that time, I had separated from my partner of twelve years as our paths seemed to go in different directions. We remained friendly but there were no intentions of ever getting back together, until last year when it became clear to me ( due to much self analysis, growth and better understanding of my own, and his, emotional limitations) that our relationship could (still) provide me (us) with a firm foundation from which to "evolve". I broached the subject with him at the time but there were many distractions, obstacles and delays. Still he was receptive, more so than ever before in our relating history, and he asked I hang on to the idea.

I did, with much concerns about being used and humiliation at the idea of "going back" other insecurities.

During the winter, all the obstacles that stood in our way somewhat miraculously vanished, giving us a fresh, new context to start a relationship. In the spring, he contacted me and arranged for us to spend time together and see "where it goes".

He unconsciously picked the day after the May New Moon, and I agreed to join him on that day.

I was beset for the whole cycle- until the full moon- with much insecurity and welcomed the revelation about my "established idealisation of the desire to bond deeply" in order to feel valuable (to him). I was forced to adapt my communications with him, being aware that my insecurities played a big role in our "group consciousness". I was very conscious of the unconscious impulses and moderated those heavily, thus learning about higher expression, and approaching the situation from a soul's point view (for growth). I left him behind to return home a few days after the full moon and he scheduled our next encounter for the 22 June!
[Ed. note: the date of the next New Moon]

He's not into astrology and has no idea about moon cycles.

Of course, there's more to the story than that, but for brevity's sake and to stay close to the aspects looked at here....

Alex, this is how I did it. I hope this is helpful. It was to me!

This is as far as I have worked with this, but it has already proven itself to be an effective method, I can't wait to put it to further use and perfect the method!!
Oh! and your input and comments are welcomed!!
~~~ C.

My comments? Well, I applaud you for taking aspects of my System and working to blend them with two other systems!!

What you've done obviously helps your understanding of a sensitive and powerful set of circumstances; and, while your method isn't my method, I'm the first person to encourage folks to use the B.I.D.E. System in whatever way works for them...

Looking forward to more examples and bold creativity from you!!!

I think you'll like the pages about aspects that I just added:
> B.I.D.E. Full Aspect Cycle
> Example of Using the Aspect Phrases

Very Special Closing Note:
I received the above example after someone else had suggested I open the blog to readers' experiences with the System. These two people don't know each other and I just Love the Synchronicity of it all!!!


Here's your Invitation to submit Your experiences with the B.I.D.E. Interpretive System so I can consider their use as a blog post...
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