Friday, March 20, 2009

Astrology and the Unconscious

This may be the last post about the first chapter in my book Astrological Repair Manual ( Free Download ).

I'll probably be soon moving into the chapters on Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus—unless folks start to post comments that tell me otherwise...

Let me just say, from that first chapter:

"What I do want to the fact that humans do have this unconscious realm and that the more we pay attention to it, or 'woo' it, the healthier and happier we'll become. Sure, it takes effort and can lead to some fantastic struggles but life without struggle is death...

"It may have entered your mind to wonder, 'Why is Alex starting way out in the unknown to help me change my perception about astrology?' Well... I could have started on Earth and I could have gone even further toward an earthly approach by saying things like, 'Saturn is the planet of limitation and grief.', or, 'Venus is the planet of love.' But, this jamming of large concepts and energies into narrow boxes is very unhealthy. I'd rather start out here with Xena and make her my friend 'cause she could change into Hercules or Pan, she could give me some secret knowledge, she could help me even when I'm not paying attention to her. Better have her on my side than ignoring her and having her blast into my consciousness and wreak havoc!"

What are your thoughts and feelings?
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