Friday, July 17, 2009

Making The Big Leap...

New_HorizonsThis image is the current position of the New Horizons spacecraft, launched January 19, 2006, cruising past Pluto in July, 2015...

From the image, we can see that this intrepid spacecraft is between Saturn and Uranus' orbits; yet, Saturn and Uranus are now on opposite sides of the Earth...

They were conjunct on the following dates:

12 Feb 1988 at 30 Sagittarius
26 Jun 1988 at 29 Sagittarius
18 Oct 1988 at 28 Sagittarius

In the B.I.D.E. Interpretive System, Saturn's meanings are:


and, Uranus' meanings are:

Breaking Obsolete Traditions of
Seeking the Truth of
Exploring Fresh Ideas about

Before we can understand the current opposition of these planets we need to consider the beginning of the cycle back in '88...

But, first, we need another set of meanings from the B.I.D.E. System, Sagittarius:

a Broad Viewpoint
Philosophical Appraisal
a Top-Down View
an Idealistic Awareness

The final set of meanings necessary to analyze the Uranus/Saturn conjunction is the set for the conjunction itself:

Begins a New Cycle of Actualization by
Engenders New Possibilities by
Lets the Past Meet the Future by
Closes One Cycle and Opens Another by

So, according to the way these meanings are combined into Symbolic Sentences in the B.I.D.E. System
[see the Information Site (red link in the right panel) for guides about using the System...], and only using the first option in each set of meanings, we have this possibility for:

Uranus in Sagittarius
Saturn in Sagittarius

Transforming a Broad Viewpoint
Begins a New Cycle of Actualization by
Defining a Broad Viewpoint

Seems we can't do a proper job of transforming until we do some defining... But, to add more depth to that interpretation, I'll change Saturn's meaning to the second option and Sagittarius' meaning to the last option:

Transforming a Broad Viewpoint
Begins a New Cycle of Actualization by
Clarifying an Idealistic Awareness

If you were alive and conscious back in 1988, I'd love to see Your Comments on that interpretation for the Uranus/Saturn conjunction or your Own choices from the B.I.D.E. System. Something else that would be great to see in the Comments are Your Symbolic Sentences with the House meanings added...

Here are the dates for the current Uranus/Saturn Opposition:

4 Nov 2008 at 19 Pisces/Virgo
5 Feb 2009 at 21 Pisces/Virgo
15 Sep 2009 at 25 Pisces/Virgo
26 Apr 2010 at 29 Pisces/Virgo
26 Jul 2010 at 1 Libra/Aries

We'll explore the potential meanings for this important opposition in the next post...


msfullroller said...

I'm looking forward to the next post.

Alexander M Zoltai said...

Very glad to hear about your anticipation!

It will be a couple days before I publish the next post...

Care to comment about either the Uranus/Saturn conjunction or opposition in your own chart?

Possibly try your hand at interpreting it with the B.I.D.E. System...?

Lauren said...

Hi Alex,

Congratulations on the evolution of your site and the rich layering of ideas and images.

I went back over a few past posts appreciating your insight about both moving toward a planet as well as away from the same planet in order to determine a full understanding of that planets influence.

I notice that in this post Uranus conjuncts Saturn which seems to beak from the traditional structure of a faster moving planet conjoining a slower moving planet.

Curious to know your thoughts on this subject.........

Alexander M Zoltai said...


Actually, the faster is still moving toward, then over, then away from the slower in this case, too.

Even though I wrote:

Uranus in Sagittarius
Saturn in Sagittarius

The wording of the Symbolic Sentence still maintains the Faster moving over the Slower in its syntax:

Transforming a Broad Viewpoint
Begins a New Cycle of Actualization by
Clarifying an Idealistic Awareness

Uranus is beginning a new cycle "by" having Saturn do something.

If one is transforming by clarifying, Saturn is moving over Uranus.

Rather than "clarifying by transforming" which would be Uranus moving over Saturn.

I hope that clarifies :-) it?

Alexander M Zoltai said...

Just thought of a more mundane example:

The King's new Law
is activated by
Sending out Messengers.

msfullroller said...

Oh boy here UranusRx in Virgo 1st house opposition Saturn in Pisces 7th house:

Breaking Obsolete Traditions of a Service Attitude in order to Truly be Who I am

Resonants in Polarity

Defining & Clarifying Sympathetic Awarness in order to Refresh a Relationship?

Alexander M Zoltai said...

Well, fullroller, if I may call you that, your using "defining" and "clarifying" in your Saturn sentence shows you're willing to use the B.I.D.E. System your own way!

I'll be posting more about this but I really hope people will use two words instead of the one the directions indicate; plus, use other words--synonyms--that aren't in the current form of the System; plus, basically, use the System in their own way.

Thanks for showing people that!

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