Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What You Want To See On this Blog...

pollBack on July 25th, I had a poll post...

There've been a number of folks who let me know what they'd like to see on this blog and it's time to report on the latest findings.

Here are the categories and their highest percentages:

Famous Birth Charts - 50% want it as a regular feature.

General Astrology Techniques - 46% want to almost always see this.

Transits - Split vote here; 33% for both a regular feature and almost always.

Progressions - Another split vote; 33% for both a little bit and almost always.

Special B.I.D.E. Techniques - 38% want it as a regular feature.

You can still make your wishes known; just go to the original post and click on the survey link...


kelly said...

Alex!! Facebook does not allow me to leave a message in your WALL so here I am!

I have been wanting to contact you but have been very busy!! It's so goooood to see you on Facebook!!

Famous Birth Charts
General Astrology Techniques

I think these 2 are very popular with my friends too!

I miss you on Bloggersbase! Come back if you have time to blog in there ok???

I know you're on Twitter but I can't seem to find you there? I have a problem with Twitter's password reset feature so I am tweeting from Su.pr

Send me messages - you have my personal email addy right? :)

Alexander M Zoltai said...


Thanks for getting in touch and for giving your preferences for this blog!!

Actually, I'm not on Twitter right now and I find it very strange that you can't leave a message on my FaceBook wall....?

Hope you'll visit here often and see you on FB!

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