Thursday, July 23, 2009

Modes of Perception

eyeglassesThere are many ways to view a chart...

Our last post looked at four levels of perception: Spiritual, Social, Personal, Practical...

The B.I.D.E. Interpretive System begins as close to the Spiritual level as practically possible. The Symbolic Sentences created with the System need further interpretation to be useful on the other three levels.

I'm going to step through these levels using my personal Symbolic Sentence for the recent New Moon in my chart.

Sun in Cancer in the 12th House
Moon in Cancer in the 12th House

which, for me, becomes

Focusing Character Development in order to Explore the Value of Transcendence of Self
Begins a New Cycle of Actualization by
Nourishing Nurturing Abilities in order to Realize the Oneness of Life.

On the Spiritual level, reading the Symbolic Sentence as it stands, I have the thrill of sensing the potential for growth beyond my mere self into larger arenas of action. The Sentence may seem hugely abstract to you but I chose the options from the System that best expressed where I want to go during the current lunation cycle...

On the Social level, I see the words "Focusing Character Development" as my call to (even though I'm 63 and have spent much of my time circling the Sun in various modes of character development) concentrate on how I can grow even more in my efforts to "Explore the Value of Transcendence of Self". And, to me, transcendence of self doesn't leave the self out of the picture—much like taking a plane ride doesn't leave the earth out of the picture...

Socially, this "New Cycle of Actualization" (conjunction) calls for a "Nourishing" of my "Nurturing Abilities" so I can "Realize" more than ever "the Oneness of Life". How else, socially, can I use my own character in a transcendent way unless I'm aware of the Oneness of us all and give as much nurturance as I can?

On the Personal level, I have to more deeply explore the character I have developed over the years (notice my Saturn and Mars in Cancer) and detect the weak spots, the incomplete virtues, the less than ideal modes of my behavior so I can nourish the nurturing abilities I already have and, hopefully, strengthen them toward a broader acceptance of the Oneness of Life, which empowers me to see others as I see myself and lowers the barriers of personality, letting me reach out to help...

On the Practical level, I need to review all I've learned about my character, my knowledge of methods of transcendence of self, what it really means to nurture, and which techniques actually nourish that nurturance. Even with the long-term focus on my character development, the many years of attempting to successfully, and consistently, transcend a life lived only for myself, and truly nurture others on the path toward the Oneness of Humanity—the countless hours, days, months, years of struggle and partial attainment—I need to buckle-down and do it again...

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