Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Arianna Huffington

Arianna_HuffingtonWe'll be looking at three critical Planets in Arianna Huffington's chart—Jupiter, Mars, and Venus.

Mars and Venus because they define the boundary of activity for all but the Planet Jupiter—that single Planet forming the "handle" or focal-concentration point for the entire chart. This "Bucket Pattern" has been considered in two other posts here: Walt Disney and Barack Obama.

Huffington is a Greek-American author and syndicated columnist. She used to be on the "Right", politically, and is now said to be on the "Left". Yet, those labels don't quite name her allegiance. She's actually been referred to as "coming from the fourth dimension of political time and space". Her Huffington Post is a wildly popular Web destination.

Our last post took pains to explain the creation of B.I.D.E.'s Symbolic Sentences and the Information Site (red link in the right panel) has much more to help you use the B.I.D.E. Interpretive System.

Before we look at Arianna's Jupiter, Mars, and Venus, it's important to note the Sun/Moon placement, since the Sun and Moon always define our "Life Battery". Since the Sun and Moon are closely conjunct and since they're within 7° of the 9th House, we have (according to the choices I've made {but, you can certainly choose other phrases from the System...}):

Moon/Sun in Cancer in the 9th House
Nurturing and Focusing Character Development in order to Realize the Ideal.

Now that we have her Prime Source of energy and expression defined we can consider the Planets, Signs, and Houses that define the range of action for her Life Battery.

Mars in Libra in the 12th House
Externalizing Awareness of Others in order to Utilize the Resources of Her Unconscious Mind.

Venus in Gemini in the 8th House
Evaluating Diversity of Ideas in order to Find the Depth of the Issue.

Can you see how those Planet placements give a hint of what's driven her interest in and increased her love of writing as well as establishing a Web Site that evaluates and urges action on issues of world concern?

Now, let's look at the Major Focus of her whole life:

Jupiter (retrograde) in Pisces in the 4th House
[I'm adding the word "Uniquely" to the sentence to indicate the retrogradation]
Uniquely Amplifying Visionary Initiative in order to Fertilize the Situation.

Look back over those Symbolic Sentences, then check out these quotes from Arianna. Considering those ideas may lead you to create different Symbolic Sentences than I did. If you do, please let us know in the Comments!

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