Thursday, June 18, 2009

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah_Winfrey"She is..., according to some assessments, the most influential woman in the world."

Before we look at Oprah's chart with the B.I.D.E. Interpretive System, I want to remind you to check out the Information Site for this blog (also accessible with the red link in the right panel). You'll find guides there to help you follow along with interpretations in the blog as well as begin to use the System with your own chart...

After looking at Oprah's Chart, it became obvious to me that, unlike all the other charts we've looked at so far, I needed to create a Symbolic Sentence from the System for all of her planets.

Overall, her chart shows the dynamics of the "Locomotive" pattern as well as "Asymmetric" qualities. I'll be adding a guide to the Information Site that covers the major chart patterns but for now you can reference the not-so-bad tutorial at AstroTheme.

I begin with the Sun/Venus/Mercury group (which I'll call her "PowerStation"), then the Neptune/Saturn/Mars/Moon group (which I'll call her "PrimeTalents"), and, finally, the elevated and retrograde group, Pluto/Uranus/Jupiter (which I'll call her "BroadcastStation"). I feel these organic groupings show her basic character structure clearly, if considered in the order I'm using.

Admittedly, the following Symbolic Sentences are the choices I'm making from the 64 possibilities for each planetary position. Hopefully, you'll access the Information Site's guides and work out your own Sentences for Oprah; and, hopefully, post them in the Comments!

Oprah's PowerStation

Sun in Aquarius in the 5th House
Vitalizing Radical Breakthroughs in order to Externalize Her Creativity.

Venus in Aquarius in the 5th House
Evaluating Humanitarian Considerations in order to Dramatize Her Concerns.

Mercury in Aquarius in the 5th House
Investigating Group-Consciousness in order to Externalize Her Creativity.


Oprah's PrimeTalents

Neptune in Libra in the 1st House
(Since this planet is retrograde, Oprah uses it in extremely unique ways...)
Envisioning a Harmonizing Attitude in order to Truly Be Who She Is.

Saturn in Scorpio in the 2nd House
Clarifying an Analytical Attitude in order to Ground Her Plans.

Mars in Scorpio in the 2nd House
Being Driven by the Desire to Bond Deeply in order to Be Aware of Her Worth.

Moon in Sagittarius in the 3rd House
Nourishing an Idealistic Awareness in order to Study What’s Important.


Oprah's BroadcastStation
(All these planets are retrograde and are used in highly individualistic ways...)

Pluto in Leo in the 11th House
Getting to the Depths of Dramatic Concern in order to Give Expression to Her Hopes.

Uranus in Cancer in the 10th House
Transforming Active Feelings in order to Express Her Social Role.

Jupiter in Gemini in the 9th House
Amplifying a Diversity of Ideas in order to Realize the Ideal.

How would You use the B.I.D.E. Interpretive System to explore Oprah's chart?

p.s. I didn't forget her Ascendant or Midheaven, or the other angles; I purposely left those factors of interpretation up to you. Since the angles have no planetary component, just insert the generic "Using" in front of the Sign phrases...


Lauren said...

Hi Alex,

A richly layered post you have taken a larger bite from your apple opening the aperture of my seeing.

I especially like your innovative sub-groups like mini interpretations pricking my intuitive understanding like Uranus in Cancer elevated in Oprah's chart......

PowerStation magnificently radiates a cazami Venus!

PrimeTalents with the Moon involved it feels more like "primal" talents to me magnified by the splendor of Jupiter

BroadcastStation picture perfect for Jupiter in Gemini at home in the 9th!

I have not watched television since 1984 and I have no personal history seeing or hearing Oprah nor am I that aware of her enormous influence in the world, yet, when I look at her chart and see Saturn exactly square Sun and Venus, and Mars within 2 degrees square Pluto I do feel the enormity of her "personal power broadcasting her primary talents".

With the aid of ARM I gain an elevated perspective on the unfolding of such dynamic power.

Thank you.

Alexander M Zoltai said...

O.K., now you've done it...

I must begin to integrate the aspects into posts as well as "publish" the B.I.D.E. version of aspects...


Lauren said...

Great idea! The aspects enliven the relationship between planets and I for one am very interested to learn how your system translates that pulse of astrology.

side note, apparently there was an invaluable piece of journalism on today's Oprah show...... in the event you missed it!

Alexander M Zoltai said...


Thanks for your continuing support of the evolution of the ARM blog!!!

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