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Michael Jackson

Michael_JacksonWhile talking with another astrologer about my efforts to convey the importance of personal interpretation of the Symbolic Sentences generated by the B.I.D.E. Interpretive System [see the red link in the right panel for more Info...], the idea of featuring Michael Jackson's chart came up. We looked at various versions of his chart and quickly determined there's no solid information on his birth time...

With that knowledge and the persistent desire to do something with his chart, I decided to focus on the closest applying aspect—considered to be the most "pressing issue" or "critical talent" a person possesses.

{ even if we had a good birth time with his exact Moon position and that Moon made a closer applying aspect, the aspect we'll consider would still be a very strong critical talent... }

In Jackson's case this applying aspect is Saturn in Sagittarius waning BiSeptile Sun in Virgo (within 26' of a degree).

Most astrologers would treat the phase relationship between his Saturn and Sun as an applying BiSeptile and leave it at that. However, it's a Waning BiSeptile which introduces the idea that a cycle is an organic whole and the aspects from 0-180° are different in quality from those between 180-0°.

I'll go further with the idea of a full-cycle, organic approach to aspects:

Each aspect in a full-cycle
[check-out B.I.D.E.'s Full Cycle] begins at the degree-separation derived by geometry—conjunction at 0°, square at 90°, etc. But, in an organic use of the full cycle of aspects, the aspect continues to hold sway until the next aspect in the series begins.

In Michael's case, since the aspect is 26' of a degree before the waning BiSeptile, it's actually a waning TriDecile, yet, certainly, "yearning" strongly toward the BiSeptile state.

Many in astrology don't deal with the Septiles and Deciles so I'll list B.I.D.E.'s meanings of the waning TriDecile:

Increases Awareness of the Implications of Past Actions by

Impells the Need to Realize Inadequate Responses and the Will to Rectify the Situation by

Integrates Personal Performance with the Needs of the Whole by

Rejuvenates Participation in the Social Realm by

{This waning TriDecile is the "Issue" in Michael's life that consistently urged him toward the applying BiSeptile, the meanings of which are:

Incorporates Creative Ideals into the Social Situation by

Instills the Desire for Creative Integration into a Larger Whole by

Aids the Conscious Assumption of a Critical Social Role by

Creates Awareness of the Need for Individualized Acceptance of Necessary Social Values by}

They all end with the word "by" because they're part of a System of constructing Symbolic Sentences from the chart factors and you'll soon see the importance of that little word "by"...

Now, let's look at the other available factors from Jackson's chart so we can construct a Symbolic Sentence for this important "critical talent".

The available meanings from the B.I.D.E. System for Saturn are:


And, those for the Sun are:


Those for Sagittarius are:
a Broad Viewpoint
Philosophical Appraisal
a Top-Down View
an Idealistic Awareness

And, Virgo:
Systems and Techniques
Careful Considerations
a Service Attitude

Now, we have the necessary components to construct a Symbolic Sentence for Michael Jackson's Saturn in Sagittarius waning TriDecile Sun in Virgo. All that's necessary is to choose a Planet/Sign combination for Saturn in Sagittarius and Sun in Virgo then link them with a choice from the options for waning TriDecile. Now, we have a Symbolic Sentence for

» Michael's Critical Talent «

Saturn in Sagittarius waning TriDecile Sun in Virgo
Structuring an Idealistic Awareness
Integrates Personal Performance with the Needs of the Whole by
Vitalizing Systems and Techniques.

As far as personal interpretation of that Symbolic Sentence, I want to make minimal comments, hoping You will add your Comments of it's meaning and, possibly, your selection of different choices for the components of the Sentence.

Personally, I feel that the "Idealistic Awareness" is very clearly evident and the Structuring of it by Saturn is easy to see...

Integrating his Personal Performance with the Needs of the Whole may be a bit harder to pin down but his phenomenal success surely speaks to answering Some Need of the Larger Whole that was his audience...

Doing that Integration of Personal Performance with the Needs of his audience by Vitalizing Systems and Techniques is, to me, adequately explained in this quote from an allmusic biography (bold words particularly applying):

"In his prime, Jackson was an unstoppable juggernaut, possessed of all the tools to dominate the charts seemingly at will: an instantly identifiable voice, eye-popping dance moves, stunning musical versatility, and loads of sheer star power."

Naturally, if we had a good birth time we could see much more detail in the interpretation by adding the phrases for the Houses...

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