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Harrison Ford

Harrison FordOur last post was about a film producer, Walt Disney, and this one is about an actor, Harrison Ford.

Before I get into interpreting various factors in Ford's chart I want to alert you to a companion site to this blog, the "Information Site" (which you can access with the red link in the right panel). It's a space to collect various aids and guides to using the B.I.D.E. Interpretive System—the Centerpiece of this blog. Over time, as the next ten books in the series are developed and we explore the ideas here in the blog, I'll be posting more and more information at our companion site. I urge you to visit there and explore the deeper reasons for this blog and the book that inspired it—Astrological Repair Manual.

Harrison Ford's chart shows a decided clustering of planets, often called a "Bundle" pattern. This configuration shows a concentration of functions and energies in relatively few areas of activity. The planets that border the bundle, Uranus and Neptune in Ford's case, are normally within range of at least a wide trine. We'll use the B.I.D.E. system to explore his bordering planets in just a bit...

Notice, though, that very near the center of the cluster in his chart are the Sun and Moon in close conjunction. Not only does the over-all pattern speak of his ability to massively concentrate talents and potentialities but the center of the pattern—the point of greatest focus—holds the two planetary functions that are the "Power-Source" of a person's character.

Two interesting qualities of his nature are revealed in something he says in a short video that was made about his love for aviation. He says that flying gives him a big sense of freedom but also a great sense of responsibility and goes on to add that freedom without responsibility is "not so engaging"...

For me, it's easy to see his love of responsibility in that tightly clustered bundle pattern and, because of the strong and steady focus of that pattern, it becomes easy to see him linking it to a need for "big freedom" with flight—a very interesting way for him to "engage" the rest of his chart {alert: houses without planets are not "empty"} and have the freedom balance the concentrated responsibility of the main pattern.

One last bit of revelatory character in his flying career: of the many planes he owns, his favorite is a slow, steady, and trustworthy vintage aircraft...

Now let's apply the B.I.D.E. Interpretive System to Harrison's Neptune, Uranus, Moon, and Sun (don't forget that the Information Site has guides to help you do what I'm about to do...).
Harrison Ford's "Defining" Functions

Neptune in Virgo in the 12th House conjunct the Ascendant
[I'll be merging meanings for the 12th and 1st Houses]
Being Idealistic about Systems and Techniques in order to Explore the Value of Transcendence of Self so He Can Truly Be Who He Is.

This high and wide Necessity in Ford's character is in a flowing and creative relationship with:

Uranus in Gemini in the 9th House
Seeking the Truth of Intellectual Freedom in order to Realize the Ideal.
Those are some HUGE defining functions yet Ford works with them by concentrating their power on the
Sun/Moon Conjunction in Cancer in the 10th House
[here I'm merging the meanings for Sun and Moon]
Nurturing a Focus on Character Development in order to Be Who He Is In The World.

One last character note because of that last interpretation: Ford is known for keeping his private life extremely insulated from the glamor of Hollywood . . .

If there's anything you don't understand about the way the B.I.D.E. system works or why it can be an important tool in honest, affirmative astrology, please post a comment.

Soon I'll have a special page on the "Information Site" that explores why I created the system and how I've proven its value...


Lauren said...

Thank you for a lovely post - a film producer and an actor- do I hear the gentle stirring of Neptune?

I appreciate your insights into the meaning of the "Bundle" pattern in Harrison Fords natal chart and the attention you give to the center loci point of his Sun and Moon.

I especially liked

"the Power -Source of a person's character"

cinematic connecting power with the Sun and source with the Moon.

I found it note worthy that Uranus and Saturn are tightly conjoined in the natal chart which I thought spoke eloquently of Harrison Ford's coupling freedom, Uranus, with responsibility, Saturn.

playing with your system I combined the function of Uranus and Saturn in Gemini in the 9th house.

Being optimistic about Clarifying Intellectual Freedom in order to Bring the Situation to its Highest Expression.......

speaks to me of his statement on freedom without responsibility, "not so engaging...."

Lauren said...

The living intelligence of the cosmos never ceases to amaze me.......when I wrote the comment above and inadvertently transposed a function of Jupiter for Uranus, transiting Jupiter in Aquarius - the sign ruled by Saturn co-ruled by Uranus - was stationing retrograde shifting perceptual direction toward introspection.....perhaps to give me this time to re-intuit my original comment.

My newly considered affirmation uses the function of Uranus which for me has a Saturn undertone in the word "tradition".....

Breaking Obsolete Traditions of Intellectual Freedom in order to Bring the Situation to its Highest Expression.....

Alexander M Zoltai said...


Thanks, so much, for gracing the blog with you thoughtful and elevating thinking!

Your "mistake" of using a Jupiter phrase from the system has an element of truth in it (especially since you brought up the situation of transiting Jupiter) since Uranus can be seen as producing expanded opportunities, though those only arise after its transformative and tradition-breaking action.

I'm so happy you find the system interesting enough to *Play* with it so poetically!!!

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