Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Art of Awareness

art of awarness
We'll take a brief pause in our journey from my Free-To-Download book, Astrological Repair Manual, just before we get to the Sun, and consider another astrology blog that I read regularly and most heartily recommend:

Astrology :: The Art of Awareness
Authored by Lauren Lesko

Go there now and see astrology in Action!

Next post, I'll meet you at the Sun...


Lauren said...

Thank you Alex for your amazing generosity of spirit and act of kindness introducing my blog to your readers and spreading your passion for astrology to my site.

I am disappointed having to wait for your chapter on the Sun but there is a time to every season......


Alexander M Zoltai said...

It's rare to find an astrology blog worth reading and yours is so worth reading!

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