Thursday, April 30, 2009

Jupiter's Friend, Saturn

We're going to stay with Jupiter a bit longer but we'll consider it in relation to our old friend Saturn.

From Chapter 7 of the free-to download book, Astrological Repair Manual:

"There is a set of forces within each of us:

Structure, Definition & Clarity
Expansion, Optimism & Extension

"Neither is more important, neither is better. Certainly, at different times of our lives, one or the other will become more prominent, but, if we want the best for ourselves, we’ll always keep both close by, even if one of them is standing more forward and taking the temporary lead. Jupiter (nothing for it but to use the common name and rely on your ability to stay above the worst of the common interpretations) is the function we all need to assure ourselves we can find greener pastures for our energies, the symbolic power to take a viewpoint that is high enough and broad enough to serve as the ruler of our hopes and aspirations. Without Jupiter, life would be sterile, and there would be no progress. It’s much more than just interesting to trace this function’s path through its 12 year-long phases.

"It begins with the potential you were given at birth to initiate your life’s expansions—the sign and house Jupiter occupied in your birth chart. [ If you haven’t yet looked back to The Instructions {in the free-to-download book} to find your chart factors, this might be a propitious time to begin. If you don’t want to yet, I’m sure your reasons are valid. ] Naturally, children in their first year of life have a maximum of desire to expand and seek all the opportunities possible. Even people who later ripen into the more austere members of humanity begin with some measure of exuberance and abandon. The second year of Jupiter’s transit brings some kind of contrast to the first since there’s a natural polarity to the flow of the signs and houses (more on this later). Year three sees the potential for a certain productivity along with the sheer delight at so many open fields of discovery. The fourth phase brings the first gearshift or rooting-in of our sense of opportunity—half-way to the middle of the cycle. Five gives us a chance to test the waters with some showing off and six brings a breather while we check our bearings just before the apex of the cycle. After six years of experiencing Jupiter’s power of seeking opportunity, we’ve almost completed one quarter of our first Saturn cycle. Our growing sense of structure is nearing its first attempt at nailing things down.

"It’s always interesting to look at what society has scheduled for us at various times in our lives and compare that with what our internal cosmos wants us to do. Reaching the ripe young age of six brings with it a deep desire to share with others our first full sense of what optimism means to us. Of course, most six-year-olds don’t think of it this way, but that doesn’t stop it from happening. We’re at our first peak of feeling our oats, and we need outlets to share that feeling without it getting stepped on. One good reason for needing that easing up on a six-year-old is that Saturn's first quarter cycle is at seven years old and there is a natural tendency to get a bit serious then. Compare Saturn's structuring and limiting challenges at seven with Jupiter's seventh phase and you can see one of the potentially toughest times in a young person's life. Jupiter's year seven should be a time of finding special others that can share our particular brand of positivity; eight, a time of deepening those ties; nine, an opportunity to take some first steps in social expansions; ten, the first reception of solid social rewards; eleven, the beginning of learning to network our abilities; and, twelve, a rebirth, with many gold stars on the wall! In the chapter that deals with the most expansive of the functions, I can be nothing but positive.

"That sketching-out of the first twelve years of growth and expansion may have sounded nearly idyllic and there are many other factors in a chart to consider to see the details of anyone's first 12 years. But I must speak the truth about what’s possible. If not now, when? If not me, who? Also, consider this: that 12-year cycle of expansion and opportunity continues, on higher and higher levels, throughout one's life... So... We all can tap into the positivity of the Jupiter cycle throughout our lives.

"Plus, there’s Chaos ahead and we can use all the upbeat attitude we can get our minds into!"

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