Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Big Bag of Tools

toolsThis post is dedicated to showing you all the tools available to help you use the B.I.D.E. Interpretive System. You can access all these tools with the red link in the right panel that says, Information Site.

The most important tools are the Planet/Sign/House phrases and the Full-Cycle Aspect phrases. With these two tools you have all you need to generate a fully customized, individualized, positive, affirmative interpretation of a chart.

There are also articles to help you use those two interpretive guides:

The Detailed Guide to Using the Planet/Sign/House Phrases


The Example of Using the Aspect Phrases.

There are also guides on How to Create a Chart and How to Calculate Aspects.

There's also an article on Why the B.I.D.E. System is Valuable and Why Astrology Doesn't Predict Events.

One final tool available is a Very Special Offer to enable you to have free astrology software and the files needed to Easily use Full-Cycle Aspects.

Enjoy !!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Michael Jackson

Michael_JacksonWhile talking with another astrologer about my efforts to convey the importance of personal interpretation of the Symbolic Sentences generated by the B.I.D.E. Interpretive System [see the red link in the right panel for more Info...], the idea of featuring Michael Jackson's chart came up. We looked at various versions of his chart and quickly determined there's no solid information on his birth time...

With that knowledge and the persistent desire to do something with his chart, I decided to focus on the closest applying aspect—considered to be the most "pressing issue" or "critical talent" a person possesses.

{ even if we had a good birth time with his exact Moon position and that Moon made a closer applying aspect, the aspect we'll consider would still be a very strong critical talent... }

In Jackson's case this applying aspect is Saturn in Sagittarius waning BiSeptile Sun in Virgo (within 26' of a degree).

Most astrologers would treat the phase relationship between his Saturn and Sun as an applying BiSeptile and leave it at that. However, it's a Waning BiSeptile which introduces the idea that a cycle is an organic whole and the aspects from 0-180° are different in quality from those between 180-0°.

I'll go further with the idea of a full-cycle, organic approach to aspects:

Each aspect in a full-cycle
[check-out B.I.D.E.'s Full Cycle] begins at the degree-separation derived by geometry—conjunction at 0°, square at 90°, etc. But, in an organic use of the full cycle of aspects, the aspect continues to hold sway until the next aspect in the series begins.

In Michael's case, since the aspect is 26' of a degree before the waning BiSeptile, it's actually a waning TriDecile, yet, certainly, "yearning" strongly toward the BiSeptile state.

Many in astrology don't deal with the Septiles and Deciles so I'll list B.I.D.E.'s meanings of the waning TriDecile:

Increases Awareness of the Implications of Past Actions by

Impells the Need to Realize Inadequate Responses and the Will to Rectify the Situation by

Integrates Personal Performance with the Needs of the Whole by

Rejuvenates Participation in the Social Realm by

{This waning TriDecile is the "Issue" in Michael's life that consistently urged him toward the applying BiSeptile, the meanings of which are:

Incorporates Creative Ideals into the Social Situation by

Instills the Desire for Creative Integration into a Larger Whole by

Aids the Conscious Assumption of a Critical Social Role by

Creates Awareness of the Need for Individualized Acceptance of Necessary Social Values by}

They all end with the word "by" because they're part of a System of constructing Symbolic Sentences from the chart factors and you'll soon see the importance of that little word "by"...

Now, let's look at the other available factors from Jackson's chart so we can construct a Symbolic Sentence for this important "critical talent".

The available meanings from the B.I.D.E. System for Saturn are:


And, those for the Sun are:


Those for Sagittarius are:
a Broad Viewpoint
Philosophical Appraisal
a Top-Down View
an Idealistic Awareness

And, Virgo:
Systems and Techniques
Careful Considerations
a Service Attitude

Now, we have the necessary components to construct a Symbolic Sentence for Michael Jackson's Saturn in Sagittarius waning TriDecile Sun in Virgo. All that's necessary is to choose a Planet/Sign combination for Saturn in Sagittarius and Sun in Virgo then link them with a choice from the options for waning TriDecile. Now, we have a Symbolic Sentence for

» Michael's Critical Talent «

Saturn in Sagittarius waning TriDecile Sun in Virgo
Structuring an Idealistic Awareness
Integrates Personal Performance with the Needs of the Whole by
Vitalizing Systems and Techniques.

As far as personal interpretation of that Symbolic Sentence, I want to make minimal comments, hoping You will add your Comments of it's meaning and, possibly, your selection of different choices for the components of the Sentence.

Personally, I feel that the "Idealistic Awareness" is very clearly evident and the Structuring of it by Saturn is easy to see...

Integrating his Personal Performance with the Needs of the Whole may be a bit harder to pin down but his phenomenal success surely speaks to answering Some Need of the Larger Whole that was his audience...

Doing that Integration of Personal Performance with the Needs of his audience by Vitalizing Systems and Techniques is, to me, adequately explained in this quote from an allmusic biography (bold words particularly applying):

"In his prime, Jackson was an unstoppable juggernaut, possessed of all the tools to dominate the charts seemingly at will: an instantly identifiable voice, eye-popping dance moves, stunning musical versatility, and loads of sheer star power."

Naturally, if we had a good birth time we could see much more detail in the interpretation by adding the phrases for the Houses...

Please Do Comment...

Friday, June 26, 2009

Finding Practical Solutions

Since this blog's birth (about three months ago), a little over 1,000 visits have been made here. Because the Internet is what it is, about 20% of that number of visits have been made by people who've been here more than once. Using two different stats counters and my own judgement, it appears there are about 20 people who have some interest in the B.I.D.E. Interpretive System. Rather gratifying for only three months effort.

I've clearly admitted that the B.I.D.E. System takes a bit more effort than traditional approaches to astrology but I have 20 years' experience that shows me it has great value in letting people find their own interpretations and not settling for what others, possibly less informed about their circumstances, may say.

The System gives you Symbolic Sentences (if you're new, check out the red link, Information Site, in the right panel for how to use the System). Yet, those Sentences definitely need further interpretation to be useful in most practical situations.

I haven't given many examples of this personal interpretation of the System's Sentences yet. This post, and many more to come, will show this individual and most helpful aspect of using the B.I.D.E. System. I do hope some of you will share your adventures with the System, in the Comments, or in an email to me (amzolt@gmail.com) with more detailed experiences that I can consider as full-fledged posts!

While contemplating how to show more of the personal interpretation of the System's Symbolic Sentences, I felt the need to do an horary chart, to consider the best method of approaching the task.

That chart showed Saturn (a function of Clarifying and Defining) on the Ascendant (the position of the person asking the question {me}). So, good! I'm meant to help define and clarify how to do more personal interpretation of B.I.D.E.'s Sentences.

When I considered the actual house that would show the System itself, I saw the 9th as the clear philosophical arena that the B.I.D.E. System fulfills and the 1st House as the "showing how to use" or "display" it (the 1st being the 5th of the 9th).

So, I next considered the ruler of the 1st, Mercury, and lo and behold, the Moon was making a close applying aspect to it. This was important since the Moon in Horary can show direct actions to take.

So, I ended up with the Mercury Sextile Moon aspect of that chart being the best way to show how to engage in the personal, individual phase of using the B.I.D.E. System.

First I'll show you the Symbolic Sentence I created to show the Mercury/Moon aspect then I'll show you how I go about interpreting Sentences like these.

Mercury in Gemini in the 10th House
Increasing Awareness of Diversity of Ideas in order to Make the Situation as Objective as Possible.
waxing Sextile
Helps Define the Context of the Situation by
Moon in Leo entering the 12th House
Adapting Creative Response in order to Bring the Issue to Its Best Possible Conclusion.

So, displaying it as a full planet-aspect-planet Symbolic Sentence:

Increasing Awareness of Diversity of Ideas in order to Make the Situation as Objective as Possible Helps Define the Context of the Situation by Adapting Creative Response in order to Bring the Issue to Its Best Possible Conclusion.

"Increasing Awareness of Diversity of Ideas" means to me the many ways the Symbolic Sentences can be interpreted.

"Make the Situation as Objective as Possible" means to me that I need to continue to elicit Your ideas so this blog isn't just my subjective view of the System...

"Helps Define the Context of the Situation" means to me that increasing awareness of the many ways the Sentences can be interpreted and the need to make that awareness Your awareness will create a more defined context of interpretation we all can work within. And, that context will be built by:

"Adapting Creative Response" which means to me that I need to stay flexible in my approach to how I present the System.

"Bring the Issue to Its Best Possible Conclusion" means to me to make this blog a true Laboratory of Interpretation...

That's how I do it...

How would you do it?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Why is The B.I.D.E. Interpretive System Valuable?

whySome folks don't see the value of the B.I.D.E. Interpretive System.

I tend to think they may be the people who haven't taken the effort to actually use it with their own chart.

It's one thing to have someone say, "You should drink this, it's very refreshing". It's quite another to take a drink and discover the refreshment...

There's a lot of information on the Information Site (red link in the right panel) that shows how to use the System and this blog will continue to have posts that apply the System to well-known people's charts (and, hopefully, display your interpretation of your own chart. [you can email them to me at amzolt@gmail.com so I can consider them as possible posts]).

Right now, I'd like to give you a rather stark example of the difference between the B.I.D.E. System and a certain other style of interpretation that one might call the "Limited Options" system.

Let's look at particular aspect and compare interpretive philosophies {in this example, we'll only use the Planet and Aspect meanings from the B.I.D.E. System}:

Saturn square Mars

First, some excerpts from the first four links provided by Google when the phrase, "mars square saturn" was used:

"With Mars square Saturn, you alternate between periods of aggression and periods of recession and apathy. You are constantly at war with yourself because you cannot resolve this problem..."

"You are a perfectionist. You can pick at yourself and others unmercifully, trying to get circumstances in your life to match some unspecified standard."

"You can be austere, callous and harsh and usually won't go out of your way to help others unless you gain by it."

"...repressed anger, and when the person releases the anger, it can turn into violence."

Admittedly, these are only four opinions but, if you were to look further, you'd be hard-put to find a positive interpretation...

Now, let's use the B.I.D.E. System to see what's possible with Saturn square Mars (there are Many alternative interpretations in the System for any given chart factor so I'm only choosing a few as examples).

The first consideration is that there are two square aspects, the waxing and the waning. I'll give a few examples of both. Also, aspects should be considered from the slower function (Saturn) to the faster function (Mars).

First the waxing square:

Provides for a Break with Past Compulsions by

Impels Decisive Future-Oriented Action by

Creates the Conditions for Stability through the Efforts of

Induces Courage to Face Crises by
Being Driven

Now, the same phrase choices from the System with the waning square between them:

Increases Dedication to Social Transformation by

Shifts the Attitudes of the Group by

Reorients Inadequate Responses Toward Social Viability by

Uproots Unnecessary Attitudes and Values by
Being Driven

Can you see how the B.I.D.E. System gives a person the opportunity to interpret a chart from an affirmative, positive perspective?

Can you see the limitations of a system that "pre-defines" what the behavior of the person will be?

Can you see the value of using an interpretive system that puts the final choice of what's possible in the mind of the person using the system?

Does the system you use to interpret charts give you the freedom to decide what you'll do and how you'll do it?

Hope to receive some Comments.........

Monday, June 22, 2009

Oprah, Revisited . . .

Oprah_WinfreyIn our last post about Oprah Winfrey, I gave an interpretation from the B.I.D.E. System for each of her ten planets. If you're new to the blog, check out the red link in the right panel that says, Information Site, for guides and tips for using my System.

This post will take three planets from Oprah's chart and explore the aspects to them. The Information Site has the full set of aspect phrases that I'll be drawing my interpretations from.

I'm going to cover aspects that involve the three retrograde planets that are the only functions Oprah has above the horizon—the arena of objective, social action. Because they're all retrograde, Oprah found it very easy to "customize" those functions, use them in highly individualized ways, and make them talents that give her a profound influence in whatever social matrix she inhabits. In the last post about her, I called these three planets her BroadcastStation...

As explained on the Information Site, the B.I.D.E. System uses a full-cycle approach to aspects which makes any given aspect-type (except the conjunction and opposition) have two distinct manifestations: Waxing (0° to 180°) and Waning (180° to 0°). Also, aspects are always calculated from the slower planet to the faster planet. In addition, each of the interpretations below are only what I think fits Oprah's character and accomplishments. Each of those aspects has 511 other possible interpretations in the B.I.D.E. System...

If the interpretations of these planetary aspects of Oprah seem way too abstract or don't give you any interpretive satisfaction, I challenge you to construct a few Symbolic Sentences with the B.I.D.E. System of your own aspects and see just how powerfully it can reveal a vast amount of insightful information...

Since these aspects all involve Oprah's major social talents, interpreting them can give insight into why she's been called the world's most influential woman.
*Pluto's Aspects*

Pluto in Leo in the 11th House waxing Sextile Neptune in Libra in the 1st House
Regenerating Creative Response in order to Enlist the Aid of Her Social Network
Induces New Ways of Organizing the Situation by
Envisioning a Harmonizing Attitude in order to See Things Clearly.

Pluto in Leo in the 11th House waxing Square Mars in Scorpio in the 2nd House
Getting to the Depths of Dramatic Concern in order to Give Expression to Her Hopes
Induces Courage to Face Crises by
Asserting the Worth of Others in order to Ground Her Plans.

Pluto in Leo in the 11th House waxing QuadNovile Mercury in Aquarius in the 5th House
{If you're wondering why I'm not calling this an Opposition, mention it in the Comments}
[ordinary] Dramatic Concern in order to Activate Her Goals
Helps Perfect the Cultivation of Plans by
Investigating Humanitarian Considerations in order to Externalize Her Creativity.

*Uranus' Aspects*

Neptune in Libra in the 1st House waning Square Uranus in Cancer in the 10th House
Being Idealistic about Awareness of Others in order to See Things Clearly
Increases Dedication to Social Transformation by
Seeking the Truth of Character Development in order to Make the Situation as Objective as Possible.

Uranus in Cancer in the 10th House waxing TriDecile Saturn in Scorpio in the 2nd House
Breaking Obsolete Traditions of Emotional Security in order to Express Her Social Role
Helps Clarify Responsibilites by
Defining the Worth of Others in order to Be Aware of Her Worth.

Uranus in Cancer in the 10th House waxing BiQuintile Moon in Sagittarius in the 3rd House
Exploring Fresh Ideas about Nurturing Abilities in order to Make the Situation as Objective as Possible
Aids the Development of Required Resources by
Adapting a Broad Viewpoint in order to Be Aware of Her Immediate Environment.

Uranus in Cancer in the 10th House waning QuadNovile Sun in Aquarius in the 5th House
Seeking the Truth of Character Development in order to Be Who She Is In The World
Creates an Awareness of New Social Possiblities by
Vitalizing Humanitarian Considerations in order to Provide an Example

Uranus in Cancer in the 10th House waning QuadNovile Venus in Aquarius in the 5th House
Breaking Obsolete Traditions of Character Development in order to Express Her Social Role
Helps Realize the Value of Unconditional Inclusiveness by
Valuing Group-Consciousness in order to Dramatize Her Concerns.

Uranus in Cancer in the 10th House waning Quincunx Mercury in Aquarius in the 5th House
Seeking the Truth of Emotional Security in order to Realize Her Highest Objective Goals
Aids Development of Group Experience by
Perceiving “Global” Awareness in order to Dramatize Her Concerns.

*Jupiter's Aspects*

Saturn in Scorpio in the 2nd House waning BiQuintile Jupiter in Gemini in the 9th House
Clarifying the Worth of Others in order to Focus on Her Resources
Aids Exploration of Underlying Social Forces by
Amplifying Intellectual Freedom in order to Bring the Situation to its Highest Expression.

Jupiter in Gemini in the 9th House waxing QuadNovile Moon in Sagittarius in the 3rd House
Being Optimistic about Intellectual Freedom in order to Realize the Ideal
Increases Awareness of the Actualization of Potential by
Nurturing a Broad Viewpoint in order to Make Connections.

Jupiter in Gemini in the 9th House waning Trine Sun in Aquarius in the 5th House
Expanding Diversity of Ideas in order to Bring the Situation to its Highest Expression
Induces Insight into the Needs of Society by
Focusing Humanitarian Considerations in order to Dramatize Her Concerns.

Jupiter in Gemini in the 9th House waning Trine Venus in Aquarius in the 5th House
Amplifying Intellectual Freedom in order to Realize the Ideal
Impels Understanding of the Attitudes of Others by
Attracting Radical Breakthroughs in order to Externalize Her Creativity.

Jupiter in Gemini in the 9th House waning Trine Mercury in Aquarius in the 5th House
Being Optimistic about Intellectual Freedom in order to Broadcast Expectations
Induces Insight into the Needs of Society by
Increasing Awareness of Humanitarian Considerations in order to Provide an Example.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Notes from A Newbie . . .

The evolution of this blog has been happening faster than I first anticipated. Due to a few people's responses (and some analysis of the visitor stats), I'm introducing the aspect phrases for the B.I.D.E. Interpretive System.

Just before we read from the notebook of a new student of the System and see how they're blending it with two other systems, I want to draw your attention to the red link in the right panel that says, Information Site. This is a companion site that holds a growing wealth of guides and tips for using the B.I.D.E. System. The latest addition is the > B.I.D.E. Full Aspect Cycle along with an > Example of Using the Aspect Phrases. I'll begin using the aspect phrases along with the Planet/Sign/House interpretations in the next post...

Now, follow along while a newbie experiences their first use of the B.I.D.E. System:
It might help you follow their thinking if you also open the Main Interpretive Page

I'll gladly share the details of what I did.... it's a bit tentative.
Much of how I brought it together was intuitive.... it just strung itself together and went with the flow of it....to me it makes sense...hope it does to you too!!LOL!
It's the basic transcription from my own note book.

So using the interpretive layout that Bernadette Brady offers in her book, I started:
Uranus conjoins Venus opposes Pluto
                    Natal house position
      11                               5                            11

                    Natal House transited
            ---- 5 ------------------ 5 ------

                    House ruled by planet
      5                              1/8                         2/7           (area impacted)

So, using your formula: Breaking Obsolete traditions (Uranus) liberates (conj) my values ( Venus) in order to externalize my creativity (secure my identity) (5H) in the way I express my self (1st) and how emotionally/soul secure I feel. But it opposes/challenges the transformation of Service attitude (Pluto in Virgo) in order to ground my plans (2H) to refresh a relationship (7H)

For the New Moon (June 23) and it's aspects;
New Moon in Taurus in 8th - New energy/cycle of Individual worth (Taurus) in order to Deepen relationship and/or promote/awaken emotional/soul security ( 8th- this being Arroyo's way of defining Houses)

~~Trine AC Libra, ruled by Venus in 5H -triggers rapid development (Trine) of Awareness (Brady's key principle for AC) of Harmonizing attitude in order to value expression of self.

~~Inconjunct Neptune (r) in 2nd H - releasing negative(?) (r) Idealisation (Neptune) of self worth(rather the lack thereof!)

~~Sextile Mars 6th H, ruling the 2&7- thus encountering a chance/opportunity (sext) to act/take action (mars) in order to improve myself impacting the awareness of my worth and refresh a relationship.

~~Trine Mercury 4th H, ruling 12&9- rapid development of communication of/about emotional/soul action (4th), transforming (8th being where the energy comes from)12-how I utilize the resources of my Unconscious Mind and 9 -realize the ideal and learning about my true identity/highest expression

>>I would go to Arroyo's House key word system or to Brady's key words for aspects when the one's provided did not fit the sentence or context....again, it was done intuitively. <<

The previous New Moon was also in my 8th H, and just for fun, I'll interpret it here:
~New Moon in Gemini, 8th - New energy/cycle of Communication ( or intelectual freedom) emotional/soul security


~~Neptune in Scorpio 2nd H/ ruling the 6th- established(natal) idealisation(Neptune) of the desire (need?) to bond deeply (Scorpio) in order to be aware of my worth

Squares/forces adaptation of

~~Mercury in Aquarius,4H, ruling the 12/9 - perception (mercury) of group consciousness in order to ground myself emotionally (4H) ultimately altering how I utilize the Resources of my unconscious Mind (12H) and 9 -realize the ideal and learning about my true identity/highest expression

Background story, very briefly: For the last five years I have been focusing almost exclusively on my spiritual development and evolution. At that time, I had separated from my partner of twelve years as our paths seemed to go in different directions. We remained friendly but there were no intentions of ever getting back together, until last year when it became clear to me ( due to much self analysis, growth and better understanding of my own, and his, emotional limitations) that our relationship could (still) provide me (us) with a firm foundation from which to "evolve". I broached the subject with him at the time but there were many distractions, obstacles and delays. Still he was receptive, more so than ever before in our relating history, and he asked I hang on to the idea.

I did, with much concerns about being used and humiliation at the idea of "going back"...plus other insecurities.

During the winter, all the obstacles that stood in our way somewhat miraculously vanished, giving us a fresh, new context to start a relationship. In the spring, he contacted me and arranged for us to spend time together and see "where it goes".

He unconsciously picked the day after the May New Moon, and I agreed to join him on that day.

I was beset for the whole cycle- until the full moon- with much insecurity and welcomed the revelation about my "established idealisation of the desire to bond deeply" in order to feel valuable (to him). I was forced to adapt my communications with him, being aware that my insecurities played a big role in our "group consciousness". I was very conscious of the unconscious impulses and moderated those heavily, thus learning about higher expression, and approaching the situation from a soul's point view (for growth). I left him behind to return home a few days after the full moon and he scheduled our next encounter for the 22 June!
[Ed. note: the date of the next New Moon]

He's not into astrology and has no idea about moon cycles.

Of course, there's more to the story than that, but for brevity's sake and to stay close to the aspects looked at here....

Alex, this is how I did it. I hope this is helpful. It was to me!

This is as far as I have worked with this, but it has already proven itself to be an effective method, I can't wait to put it to further use and perfect the method!!
Oh! and your input and comments are welcomed!!
~~~ C.

My comments? Well, I applaud you for taking aspects of my System and working to blend them with two other systems!!

What you've done obviously helps your understanding of a sensitive and powerful set of circumstances; and, while your method isn't my method, I'm the first person to encourage folks to use the B.I.D.E. System in whatever way works for them...

Looking forward to more examples and bold creativity from you!!!

I think you'll like the pages about aspects that I just added:
> B.I.D.E. Full Aspect Cycle
> Example of Using the Aspect Phrases

Very Special Closing Note:
I received the above example after someone else had suggested I open the blog to readers' experiences with the System. These two people don't know each other and I just Love the Synchronicity of it all!!!


Here's your Invitation to submit Your experiences with the B.I.D.E. Interpretive System so I can consider their use as a blog post...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah_Winfrey"She is..., according to some assessments, the most influential woman in the world."

Before we look at Oprah's chart with the B.I.D.E. Interpretive System, I want to remind you to check out the Information Site for this blog (also accessible with the red link in the right panel). You'll find guides there to help you follow along with interpretations in the blog as well as begin to use the System with your own chart...

After looking at Oprah's Chart, it became obvious to me that, unlike all the other charts we've looked at so far, I needed to create a Symbolic Sentence from the System for all of her planets.

Overall, her chart shows the dynamics of the "Locomotive" pattern as well as "Asymmetric" qualities. I'll be adding a guide to the Information Site that covers the major chart patterns but for now you can reference the not-so-bad tutorial at AstroTheme.

I begin with the Sun/Venus/Mercury group (which I'll call her "PowerStation"), then the Neptune/Saturn/Mars/Moon group (which I'll call her "PrimeTalents"), and, finally, the elevated and retrograde group, Pluto/Uranus/Jupiter (which I'll call her "BroadcastStation"). I feel these organic groupings show her basic character structure clearly, if considered in the order I'm using.

Admittedly, the following Symbolic Sentences are the choices I'm making from the 64 possibilities for each planetary position. Hopefully, you'll access the Information Site's guides and work out your own Sentences for Oprah; and, hopefully, post them in the Comments!

Oprah's PowerStation

Sun in Aquarius in the 5th House
Vitalizing Radical Breakthroughs in order to Externalize Her Creativity.

Venus in Aquarius in the 5th House
Evaluating Humanitarian Considerations in order to Dramatize Her Concerns.

Mercury in Aquarius in the 5th House
Investigating Group-Consciousness in order to Externalize Her Creativity.


Oprah's PrimeTalents

Neptune in Libra in the 1st House
(Since this planet is retrograde, Oprah uses it in extremely unique ways...)
Envisioning a Harmonizing Attitude in order to Truly Be Who She Is.

Saturn in Scorpio in the 2nd House
Clarifying an Analytical Attitude in order to Ground Her Plans.

Mars in Scorpio in the 2nd House
Being Driven by the Desire to Bond Deeply in order to Be Aware of Her Worth.

Moon in Sagittarius in the 3rd House
Nourishing an Idealistic Awareness in order to Study What’s Important.


Oprah's BroadcastStation
(All these planets are retrograde and are used in highly individualistic ways...)

Pluto in Leo in the 11th House
Getting to the Depths of Dramatic Concern in order to Give Expression to Her Hopes.

Uranus in Cancer in the 10th House
Transforming Active Feelings in order to Express Her Social Role.

Jupiter in Gemini in the 9th House
Amplifying a Diversity of Ideas in order to Realize the Ideal.

How would You use the B.I.D.E. Interpretive System to explore Oprah's chart?

p.s. I didn't forget her Ascendant or Midheaven, or the other angles; I purposely left those factors of interpretation up to you. Since the angles have no planetary component, just insert the generic "Using" in front of the Sign phrases...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How To Do It . . .

toolsWhen it comes to learning astrology, or even some particular aspect of it, I'm sure many folk approach the task much like the man in this image...

Sure, astrology helps us get down into the human psyche but, personally, after about four decades of doing it, I've come to the realization that we're much better off approaching the art of astrology not from the bottom, up but from the top, down...

This realization is what drove me to spend three of those decades conceiving, creating, and field-testing the system of interpretation that's the centerpiece of this blog. And, this blog was born to show the system off and seek my readers' opinions, feedback, thoughts, feelings, and even disagreements. The original book about the system was written four years ago and there are ten more volumes of Astrological Repair Manual yet to write...

I know the system works. My clients for the last ten years have voiced their approval of the system. But, now, I feel I need a much wider base of opinion to help me shape the content of the rest of the books in the series.

Since my system is so unique, I created a special companion site that has many (and will have many more) tools to help guide those interested in the operation of the B.I.D.E. Interpretive System. It's called, simply, Information Site, and can also be accessed with the red link in the right panel of this blog. Here are the tools you can find and use over there:

> B.I.D.E. Interpretive System - A Simplified Guide
> The Original Book - A Free Download
> Creating A Chart
> Why This System?
> Astrology Predicts Meanings, Not Events
> Detailed Example of Using the System

Next post, we'll use the B.I.D.E. System to explore Oprah Winfrey's Chart...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Harrison Ford

Harrison FordOur last post was about a film producer, Walt Disney, and this one is about an actor, Harrison Ford.

Before I get into interpreting various factors in Ford's chart I want to alert you to a companion site to this blog, the "Information Site" (which you can access with the red link in the right panel). It's a space to collect various aids and guides to using the B.I.D.E. Interpretive System—the Centerpiece of this blog. Over time, as the next ten books in the series are developed and we explore the ideas here in the blog, I'll be posting more and more information at our companion site. I urge you to visit there and explore the deeper reasons for this blog and the book that inspired it—Astrological Repair Manual.

Harrison Ford's chart shows a decided clustering of planets, often called a "Bundle" pattern. This configuration shows a concentration of functions and energies in relatively few areas of activity. The planets that border the bundle, Uranus and Neptune in Ford's case, are normally within range of at least a wide trine. We'll use the B.I.D.E. system to explore his bordering planets in just a bit...

Notice, though, that very near the center of the cluster in his chart are the Sun and Moon in close conjunction. Not only does the over-all pattern speak of his ability to massively concentrate talents and potentialities but the center of the pattern—the point of greatest focus—holds the two planetary functions that are the "Power-Source" of a person's character.

Two interesting qualities of his nature are revealed in something he says in a short video that was made about his love for aviation. He says that flying gives him a big sense of freedom but also a great sense of responsibility and goes on to add that freedom without responsibility is "not so engaging"...

For me, it's easy to see his love of responsibility in that tightly clustered bundle pattern and, because of the strong and steady focus of that pattern, it becomes easy to see him linking it to a need for "big freedom" with flight—a very interesting way for him to "engage" the rest of his chart {alert: houses without planets are not "empty"} and have the freedom balance the concentrated responsibility of the main pattern.

One last bit of revelatory character in his flying career: of the many planes he owns, his favorite is a slow, steady, and trustworthy vintage aircraft...

Now let's apply the B.I.D.E. Interpretive System to Harrison's Neptune, Uranus, Moon, and Sun (don't forget that the Information Site has guides to help you do what I'm about to do...).
Harrison Ford's "Defining" Functions

Neptune in Virgo in the 12th House conjunct the Ascendant
[I'll be merging meanings for the 12th and 1st Houses]
Being Idealistic about Systems and Techniques in order to Explore the Value of Transcendence of Self so He Can Truly Be Who He Is.

This high and wide Necessity in Ford's character is in a flowing and creative relationship with:

Uranus in Gemini in the 9th House
Seeking the Truth of Intellectual Freedom in order to Realize the Ideal.
Those are some HUGE defining functions yet Ford works with them by concentrating their power on the
Sun/Moon Conjunction in Cancer in the 10th House
[here I'm merging the meanings for Sun and Moon]
Nurturing a Focus on Character Development in order to Be Who He Is In The World.

One last character note because of that last interpretation: Ford is known for keeping his private life extremely insulated from the glamor of Hollywood . . .

If there's anything you don't understand about the way the B.I.D.E. system works or why it can be an important tool in honest, affirmative astrology, please post a comment.

Soon I'll have a special page on the "Information Site" that explores why I created the system and how I've proven its value...

Friday, June 12, 2009

Walt Disney

Steamboat WillieWalt Disney's chart has a similarity to Barack Obama's—a "Bucket" pattern (most planets in half the chart and two planets as a "handle" or Focal Release). In Obama's chart the handles were in relatively close conjunction; in Disney's chart they are distinct, giving two separate yet allied Focal Releases for Walt's Major Talents.

First I want to encourage you to get the free download of my book or the simplified guide to my interpretive system, so you can follow along and, hopefully, create your own interpretations (and, also, hopefully, post them in the Comments...).

We'll first look at Disney's Sun—his Major Life Purpose:

Sun in Sagittarius in the 3rd House
Vitalizing an Idealistic Awareness in order to Make Connections.

My system gives abstract and affirmative interpretations. The Symbolic Sentences you create are still Symbols and need further interpretation to take them into the realms of the Social, Personal, and Practical.

"Make Connections" in that interpretation may sound utterly abstract until it's remembered that he was a Producer and Showman. Without a major focus on Connections, those jobs just don't fly...

Now, let's consider the two planets that border Disney's major concentration of Talents—the Moon and Venus {true, the Moon is quite unique in its placement in this pattern and could use more intrepretation then I'll give right now. [I do expect to be coming back to the charts in this early phase of the blog and You might just bring the Moon into further discussion in the Comments...]}

Venus in Capricorn in the 5th House
Valuing Structural Innovations in order to Externalize His Creativity.

Moon in Libra in the 1st House
Nourishing Awareness of Others in order to Truly Be Who He Was.

Those two functions defined the scope of Walt's Major Talents (all the other planets in the lower half of his chart). Now, to interpret the two Focal Release functions—the planets that put his Talents into the world (both of these functions were retrograde in his chart and demand a unique perspective when considering the interpretations—they were used by him in extremely individualized ways...):

Pluto in Gemini in the 9th House
Regenerating Conceptual Versatility in order to Realize the Ideal.

Neptune in Cancer in the 10th House
Envisioning Active Feelings in order to Express His Social Role.

Those five planets give a broad and deep sketch of Walt Disney's life potential.

Did they "explain" things about him for You?

Can you create your own interpretations with the system to help us see even more about Disney's basic character?




Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Practical Mystic . . .

'Abdu'l-BahaOur last post was about the state of Israel and this post is about a man who passed from this life in the same land, when it was called Palestine. He was imprisoned for over 40 years for being a promoter of a Faith that had the following as its central principles:

~ One God
~ The Oneness of humankind
~ Independent investigation of truth
~ Harmony of science and religion
~ Equality of men and women
~ Elimination of prejudice of all kinds
~ Universal education
~ Spiritual solutions to economic problems
~ A Universal auxiliary language
~ Universal Peace upheld by world government

I'm going to try another experiment in this post. Come to think of it, this whole blog is an experiment—an effort in securing Your opinions and feedback about my interpretive system, presented (as a free download) in my book and in the free simplified guide to the system. I recommend one or the other as constant companions for readers of this blog so that alternative interpretations to the ones I offer can be created and posted in the comments, along with your thoughts and feelings about the system...

I'll only be interpreting the Sun, Moon, and Saturn of 'Abdu'l-Bahá's chart: first, because I'm keeping the interpretations simple until my readers get used to the system and, second, because the Sun/Moon combination is the "battery" of the whole chart and, in 'Abdu'l-Bahá's chart, Saturn is extremely prominent. In fact, due to the overall structure of the chart, Saturn and Moon are the focal pair and the Sun concentrates their interplay in the depths of 'Abdu'l-Bahá's character.

I'm going to use the system to interpret His Saturn, Moon, and Sun by selecting words and phrases that I feel reflect those ten Principles up there that He promoted. Each Planet/Sign/House combination has 64 basic interpretations in the system so I encourage you to consider the chart and those ten Principles and use the system to come up with your own interpretations; then, post them in the comments. If you don't feel up to that, you might post your thoughts about how the interpretations I create reflect those Principles...
The Major Shapers of His Character
Saturn in Aquarius in the 12th House
{since this function is retrograde, the interpretation should be understood
in its most unique and individualized sense}

Clarifying Humanitarian Considerations in order to Realize the Oneness of Life.
Moon in Leo in the 7th House
Nourishing a Creative Response in order to Initiate Sharing.
The Focus of His Life Endeavors
Sun in Gemini in the 4th House
Vitalizing Intellectual Freedom in order to Fertilize any Situation.
Do you see those interpretations as indicating a man who would endure
40 years' imprisonment for his beliefs?

Want to offer alternative interpretations?



Monday, June 8, 2009


Israel_FlagIsrael's Chart is only the fifth (following Obama, Joplin, Presley, and Hitler) considered in this blog; and, that's out of 34 posts.

I began the blog in March to introduce my (free-to-download) book and its unique interpretive system to a larger audience, first by taking the time to post the chapters here. I also began the blog to seriously play with the system—show it's usefulness and adaptability. And, since it's an interpretive system, I also hope my readers will offer their alternative interpretations of the charts I present. I'll be using any feedback I receive to help shape the next ten volumes in the series...

The system is Positive, Affirmative, and User-Customizable. Each combination of Planet/Sign/House has at least 64 different interpretations. The book has 14 chapters that explore my "philosophy" of astrology and include instructions for operating the system in the back of the book. I've also prepared a stand-alone guide for the system that's also a free download.

Now, to consider certain factors in the chart of Israel. As far as any commentary on the actions of the State of Israel, I leave that to the Media and Encyclopedists. My system of interpretation was created to help people get to the most honest and positive interpretations of charts so the inner essence of a person, country, or situation could be explored and used to improve our human family's journey on this fantastic planet. The Symbolic Sentences that are created with the system are WordSymbols and need their own brand of interpretation to be used in social, personal, and practical situations. One of my undying convictions is that there is absolutely no use for an astrology that looks for the "good" and "bad", or even the "beneficial" and afflicted". I have thoroughly and exhaustively explored those flavors of astrology and found them dangerous—to my own psyche and to the spirit of those I counsel...

We should be spending the fleeting moments we have on this Earth applying our energies to finding the Best solutions to the challenge presented in every chart we examine.


Here are the Sun and Neptune (which border and define or shape the major Talents of the State of Israel), and the Moon (which is the basic Style of Israel's developmental growth). Also, I'll use the system to interpret Israel's Jupiter (the Focal Release for the rest of the chart). I won't add any further interpretation to the Symbolic Sentences I create from the system, primarily to leave Space for you to comment on what I've done and/or offer alternative interpretations that You create with the system. {if you feel lost trying to respond to these interpretations or coming up with your own, I encourage you to look back to the posts for Hitler, Obama, Presley, and Joplin for hints and tips...}

Remember, I'm making my own choices from 64 different possibilities. Also, what follows is not what Israel is or isn't doing, right or wrong; it's the Best that Israel is capable of doing...

The Shapers of Israel's Major Talents
Neptune in Libra in the 12th House
Being Idealistic about Considerations of Sharing in order to Realize the Oneness of Life.

Sun in Taurus in the 8th House
Integrating Individual Worth in order to Merge With Others.
Israel's Basic Style of Growth
Moon in Leo in the 10th House
Nourishing Magnanimous Action in order to Realize Its Highest Objective Goals.
The Focal Release of Israel's Potential
Jupiter in Sagittarius in the 3rd House
{being retrograde makes this function operate in highly unique ways}
Expanding an Idealistic Awareness in order to Make Connections.

Your Thoughts, Opinions, Disagreements, Feedback...?

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Barack Obama

An Experiment...

Apart from showing you another example of my interpretive system in action, this post has two experimental qualities:

1) Unlike the posts for Elvis and Janice Joplin, I'm going to cover more than just the Sun/Moon Combination. True, the post about Hitler covered more, but in a tentative way... So, even though I'm trying to go slow for now, to ease into how to use this unique system, Obama's chart just demands I cover more than Sun/Moon.

2) I'm also experimenting by using a living person who is in the forefront of much of the News and has an extremely active and thick aura of media-meaning engulfing his real character. Many astrologers will settle for the media-man and try to fit the chart to that electronic ghost... I choose to start with the man's chart and see him from the inside, out...

So, if you haven't been here before, I recommend you download (Free) my book or, at least, the short version of how to use the B.I.D.E. Interpretive System. You can follow along with my examples and, hopefully, come up with a few of your own interpretations; and, share those in the Comments!

Mr. Obama's chart (which will open in a separate window) shows an archetypical "Bucket" pattern (most planets within half the circle) yet has a uniqueness due to having two "handles" for the bucket (even though the two handles have more than 3 degrees between them, which the link I just gave you says is the limit; though, in Obama's case, one of the handle-planets is the ruler of the other's Sign, "pulling-in" the conjunction).

So, we'll look at Obama's Sun (of course), his Moon and Neptune (the "rim" or defining functions of the Bucket), and Saturn and Jupiter, the Handles or Focus of the whole chart.

I hope you have the basic materials of the system at hand as I use my intuition to select words and phrases to construct the five Symbolic Sentences that go very far in sketching-out the major soul-components of Mr. Obama's character.

His Central Life Purpose

Sun in Leo in the 9th House:
Vitalizing Creative Response in order to See the Broader Perspective.
The Defining Functions for His Primary Talents

Neptune in Scorpio in the 12th House:
Being Idealistic about an Analytical Attitude in order to Utilize the Resources of His Unconscious Mind.

Moon in Gemini in the 7th House:
Nurturing Conceptual Versatility in order to Initiate Sharing.
The Focal Release of His Talents

Saturn in Capricorn in the 3rd House:
Clarifying a Desire for Enduring Patterns in order to Make Connections.
closely linked with
Jupiter in Aquarius in the 3rd House:
Being Optimistic about Humanitarian Considerations in order to Be Aware of His Immediate Environment.

I can hear more than one person saying something like, "Whew! It's all so abstract!!".

My answer: Would you rather use a bunch of bits of concrete "indications", usually borrowed from others, to form an interpretation that limits and constrains your understanding of a living human being?

Certainly, as I've mentioned in past posts, these Symbolic Sentences, or Affirmations, are not intended to give quick and easy "answers"; they, just like the Symbols of the chart, need interpretation. And, here comes yet another experimental aspect of this post: I'm not going to show alternative Sentences for Obama (each Planet/Sign/House combination has 64 possible Sentences in the system...) and I'm not going to (in this particular post) start the process of giving more concrete shape to those Symbolic Sentences. I'm going to leave that up to you...

See you in the Comments.........

Thursday, June 4, 2009

"...the dream afraid of waking..."

The title of this post is the beginning of a lyric sung by Bette Midler in the film The Rose, based loosely on the life of Janis Joplin.

"It's the dream afraid of waking that never takes the chance..."

Yet Janis took every chance she could lay her heart on and became a rocking, waking dream...

But there was a piece of her heart that resisted becoming fully awake; the place that had been shunned and ridiculed because of her uniqueness. She took that uniqueness into the rarified atmosphere of the 60s Rock-scene, became a superstar, and died of a drug overdose at the age of 27...

We'll look at her Sun and Moon combination in this post and look more deeply into her chart in later posts.

For those of you not familiar with her music or life, read this biography, listen to this song, or watch this interview...

Janis' chart (which opens in a new window so you can switch back and forth) shows her Sun in Capricorm in the 12th House and her Moon in Cancer in the 5th House.

In our last two posts, we played a bit with the interpretive system I introduced in my free-to-download book, Astrological Repair Manual. You can read about how to use the system in the book or this abbreviated Word .doc. I recommend you at least download the Word .doc so you can easily follow along as well as stimulating your own intrepretations of the chart factors we explore.

Now, let's do some Serious Play with Janis' Sun/Moon combination...

I'm going to use the words and phrases from the system that I feel best express her Spirit, yet you may find other combinations that work better for you (and, if you do, please share them in the Comments!).

Sun in Capricorn in the 12th House:

Vitalizing (Sun) Structural Innovations (Capricorn) in order to Explore the Value of Transcendence of Self (12th House).

Janis was extremely Vital, she Innovated constantly with the Structures of Blues and Rock, and it seems her whole short life was a journey to go Beyond her Self...

We could (by consulting a synonym dictionary) replace Vitalizing with Invigorating, Structural with Performance, Innovations with Creations, Value with Pricelessness, Transcendence with Going Above and Beyond, and Self with Consciousness.

Playing with the meanings that way produces this Symbolic Sentence:

Invigorating Performance Creations in order to Explore the Pricelessness of Going Above and Beyond Consciousness.

Ever thought of Sun in Capricorn in the 12th House that way? If you've come close to thinking that way, please let me know in the Comments since we're more than likely Mind Mates!

For all these decades, while reading more books then I can remember, during all the consultations I've shared in, I've had one constantly swelling Dream—Stop Giving People Fish and Teach Them How To Fish For Themselves...

Each Planet/Sign/House combination has 64 possible Symbolic Sentences in my system, without going looking for synonyms. The whole point of the system is to show you how to fish for unique, creative meanings; unless, of course, you're the type that wants to keep handing out the same old smelly fish you got handed...

Let's look at Janis' Moon in Cancer in the 5th House:

Enfolding Emotional Security in order to Dramatize her Concerns.

I'll soon be sharing the basic meanings for aspects from the system (from Book Three) but for now consider this for the Quadnovile (Book Nine) that separates Janis' Sun and Moon: striving toward a moment of truth.

Now let's combine the first sentence I constructed for the Sun and the one for the Moon with their aspect phrase:

Vitalizing Structural Innovations in order to Explore the Value of Transcendence of Self

Strives Toward A Moment of Truth by

Enfolding Emotional Security in order to Dramatize her Concerns.

To make meaningful interpretations of a chart, you have to "know" the person, usually by sharing an open, honest consultation. I didn't get to meet Janis Joplin but that last interpretation of her Sun/Moon resonates with me. If it means nothing to you, get to know her through those links at the top of the post to Biography, Song, and Interview...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"Playing" with Astrology

Elvis' chart, considered in our last post, certainly merits more evaluation than just his Sun/Moon combination and I will be coming back to him and other famous folk, as time goes forward, but for now I'm keeping things simple so the basics of using the B.I.D.E. Interpretive System can be explored. There are free downloads of my book, Astrological Repair Manual, and a short version of the system that explains how to use it.

Last post saw me beginning to Play with the system and this post will show another astrologer taking the Play a bit further. My system of interpretation is intended to be played with, seriously; it was created to be a stimulus to your own creative interpretation—a Guide that let's you lead...


The quotes below are from a comment to our last post:

"I am not certain where to begin my soulful playing with so many rich and diverse symbols at my disposal except to turn my gaze first upon myself and Clarify (Saturn) Seeing Things From Other's Perspectives (Libra) in order to Be Who I am In The World (10th house).

"Feeling rambunctious in spirit and charmed by your open invitation to play with your system I will manifest the highest intention of my Saturn by taking the liberty to re-invent a phrase or two describing my Central Life Purpose in the immediate present,

"Vitalize (Sun) Creative Play (Leo) in order to Merge With Others (8th house)."

{ I found this looking at herself first, using her own phrase ("creative play"), a beneficial use of the system—to be aware of what in yourself is doing the interpretation of another's life... }

"After reading the wiki biography of Elvis the phrase that resonated most for me was of your creating,

Vitalizing a Desire for Enduring Patterns in order to Be Aware of his Worth.

and I would like to spontaneously add to Capricorn the phrase

a traditional discipline

Integrating (Sun) a traditional discipline (Capricorn) in order to Focus on My Resources (2nd house).......in honor of Elvis mixing and matching musical styles."

{ This adding of her own phrase again is something I encourage everyone to do. Certainly, we should add meanings that stay within the bounds of each category (Aries is Aries and not Capricorn, Sun is not Moon); extending the system, letting it grow... }

"moving along to the Moon.... I was struck by the lunar presence of emotional comfort, safety, and security when Elvis said, 'Since I was two years old, all I knew was gospel music. That music became such a part of my life it was as natural as dancing. A way to escape from the problems. And my way of release.'

Enfolding (Moon) Visionary Initiative (Pisces) in order to Be Aware of My Immediate Environment (3rd house),

spoke to me of creatively adapting to childhood vulnerability (the Moon)......"

"the possibilities unbound, the spirit of play glorious, I await another time, another chart."

Next time, we'll look at Janis Joplin's chart...

Monday, June 1, 2009

Let's Play ! Seriously . . .

Dedicated to
Lauren Lesko

This post is an examination of certain particulars of Elvis Presley's chart and also an exploration of the necessity to Play with the interpretive system I've created. This system is introduced in my free-to-download book, Astrological Repair Manual. You can also have a free download of a special edition of the interpretive system all by itself. I strongly suggest you download at least one of these so you can follow along with the interpretation of people's charts and, hopefully, offer your comments and suggestions for other interpretations in the comments!

Last post, I introduced an analogy to help you understand the approach I offer with my system. I used the words: Fire, Air, Water, and Earth to designate levels of interpretive perception. Last night I received a lesson of extremely helpful critique about the use of those particular words and the confusion they may cause for people already familiar with the elements as commonly used in astrology.


I'll re-introduce that analogy and give you words that won't cause any stress in philosophic understanding.

My approach to astrological interpretation is based on the ancient aphorism, "As Above, So Below". In the four decades of my study and practice, I've come to the firm conclusion that the most honest and valuable approach to astrology is to start Above and work your way down to Below. Reversing the direction is one of the most serious mistakes an astrological aspirant can make...

The highest level of interpretive perception is the Spiritual, followed by the Social, Personal, and Practical levels. Each level enfolds or encompasses the level below...

My system was designed to enable you to begin at the highest level and Play your way down through the others to find the most appropriate interpretation for any concern or issue in your life.

Now, some examples of Playing with the system while we consider Elvis' chart (that link will open another window so you can easily reference the chart while we go through the interpretation {Check out Wikipedia if you want to read a fascinating biography).

I'm only going to cover two of Elvis' ten planets—the Sun or Central Life Purpose and the Mooon or Style of Doing the Life Purpose. This analysis isn't intended to be complete but it is intended to show you how to find a few indications of the Man behind the Media and the Soul behind the Music...

We'll start with his Sun in Capricorn in the Second House. Since my system provides 64 interpretations for each placement, I'll simplify things a bit by giving you three that seem to me to express Elvis' Central Life Purpose:

Focusing Structural Innovations in order to Realize his Heritage.

Integrating Constructive Initiatives in order to Ground his Plans.

Vitalizing a Desire for Enduring Patterns in order to Be Aware of his Worth.

Yes, those are very abstract interpretations yet they give us the Space necessary to consider much more than what the entertainment press ever offered about Elvis' reasons for being who he was. And, yes, those sentences demand that you spend some time thinking about deeper issues than just his gyrating body or hypnotic voice...

Now, I want to Play a bit...

I'm going to take part of one of those sentences and mate it with part of another:

Vitalizing a Desire for Enduring Patterns in order to Realize his Heritage.

Just a hint from his biography: He was early on a lover of Gospel and it seems to me he immortalized a soaring spiritual presentation of whatever he sang...

Now, the Moon—the Style of doing his Central Life Purpose.

Considering the last symbolic sentence from the system for Elvis' Sun, here's what I came up with for his Moon placement (in Pisces in the Third House):

Nourishing Universal Feeling in order to Make Connections.

Connections? How about connections between his Heritage (Gospel) and his Audience (the Universal Audience he attracted...)...

Soon, I'll be introducing the phrases for my system that permit interpretation of aspects between various factors in the chart. For now, consider that Elvis' had a Sun/Moon relationship expressed through the waxing Semisquare. Now, consider those two symbolic sentences I constructed for Elvis' Central Life Purpose and Style of Doing that Purpose with the meaning of their relationship included:

Vitalizing a Desire for Enduring Patterns in order to Realize his Heritage

finds intense expression through

Nourishing Universal Feeling in order to Make Connections.

And, connections he did, emphatically, make. People who love Elvis, who have no other social connection, find soul-mates when they encounter another Elvis lover. Music created from the depths of human suffering—Gospel and Soul—now have a connection to people who have never suffered the depravities that gave that music birth...

No matter the way he died, I feel he more than accomplished his Style of Doing his Central Life Purpose...

Now, it's your turn: Download my system and Play with all the possible interpretations of Elvis' Sun and Moon, Play with the act of discovering more than the media could ever tell you about a Musical Icon. And, hopefully, share your experience in the Comments...
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