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cyclesCycles are the backbone, lifeblood, and purpose of astrology.

Astrology was born from an awareness of cycles; three in particular: the yearly cycle of the Earth around the Sun (or Sun through the seasonal zodiac), the monthly cycle of the Moon's relationship with the Sun, and the daily cycle of the Earth's rotation (which moves the zodiac through the Houses).

There are 44 other important cycles in astrology: all the other pairs of planets, similar to the Sun/Moon cycle.

I've claimed that this blog exists for two important reasons: serving as a laboratory for exploring the multitudinous ways the B.I.D.E. Interpretive System can be used and a source of feedback from You that I can use to help shape the next ten volumes of Astrological Repair Manual.


Following will be three versions of cycles using the first option in each category of the B.I.D.E. System (see the Information Site {red link in the right panel} for all the options...).

First the cycle of Signs, then the cycle of Houses, and, finally, a special aspect cycle (a Planet Pair cycle): conjunction, semisextile, sextile, square, trine, quincunx, opposition, then the Waning continuation of that progression. [Note: the B.I.D.E. Full Aspect Cycle has 36 aspects, so this is a subset of the full cycle...]

Just before I display these cycles, keep three things in mind:

* every phase of each cycle has three more choices in the B.I.D.E. System...

* you can learn one heck of a lot by studying these cycles' meanings and seeing how they're Similar and how they're Different...

* the cycles, naturally, don't end at the end of the lists below; they continue around again...

» One Version of the Sign Cycle «

Individual Awareness
Personal Resources
Diversity of Ideas
Emotional Security
Dramatic Concern
a Harmonizing Attitude
the Urge to Blend Perspectives
a Broad Viewpoint
an Objective Attitude
Humanitarian Considerations
Sympathetic Awareness

» One Version of the House Cycle «

1st House
Focus on the Present
2nd House
Focus on my Resources
3rd House
Be Aware of My Immediate Environment
4th House
Anchor Myself
5th House
Dramatize My Concerns
6th House
Be of Service
7th House
Begin (or, Refresh) a Relationship
8th House
Deepen Relationship
9th House
See the Broader Perspective
10th House
Make the Situation as Objective as Possible
11th House
Make My Social Position Secure
12th House
Realize the Oneness of Life

» One Version of the Planet Pair Cycle «

Begins a New Cycle of Actualization
Waxing SemiSextile
Creates a New Pattern for Action
Waxing Sextile
Increases Awareness of More Inclusive Considerations
Waxing Square
Provides for a Break with Past Compulsions
Waxing Trine
Brings a Sense of Future Fulfillment
Waxing Quincunx
Induces Reflection on the Path to Fulfillment
Resonants in Polarity
Waning Quincunx
Expands Social Horizons
Waning Trine
Induces Insight into the Needs of Society
Waning Square
Increases Dedication to Social Transformation
Waning Sextile
Instills a Desire for Aiding Social Organization
Waning SemiSextile
Enables Deep Evaluation of a Process

* Don't forget: there are three more options for each phase of each of those cycles in the B.I.D.E. System (see the Information Site).

* And, please remember: Your comments or feedback are graciously welcomed!
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