Friday, July 3, 2009

Dane Rudhyar & Carl Jung

Rudhyar_JungWe're going to look at a connection between Dane Rudhyar's chart and Carl Jung's chart using the B.I.D.E. Interpretive System.

The connection is the 25th degree of Aquarius and holds Jung's Saturn and Rudhyar's Moon. That particular degree is within two degrees of my chart's Descendant or 7th House cusp.

These two men had a deeply profound influence on my growth into astrology and the blending of their teachings definitely influenced my creation of the B.I.D.E. Interpretive System.

If you need a little background on these two men's ideas, try this link for Dane Rudhyar and this link for Carl Jung.

When I consider their influence on my interpretive System and the close conjunction between one's Saturn and the other's Moon, as well as those planets' conjunction with my 7th House, I can safely say that the way I Relate (7th) to the world {especially with the B.I.D.E. System} has a strongly blended impact of Saturnian and Lunar power. In fact, to understand the purpose of my reason for creating my System, an exploration of the Rudhyar/Jung connection has deep explanatory capacity.

So... You may want to reference the Planet/Sign/House and Full-Cycle Aspects pages before we get started...

First, Jung's Saturn (retrograde) in Aquarius in his 1st House:

There are four interpretive words for Saturn in the System and for this example I'll choose "Defining"; and, that defining is highly individualized due to its retrogradation (I'll use the word "Uniquely" to indicate this). For his Aquarius, I choose "Group-Consciousness". For his 1st House, "See Things Clearly". Now, we can put those together (with the usual "in order to") and we get:

Uniquely Defining Group-Consciousness in order to See Things Clearly.

Now, Rudhyar's Moon in Aquarius in his 2nd House:

For his Moon I'll choose "Nurturing"; for Aquarius, "Humanitarian Considerations"; and, for his 2nd House, "Focus on Resources". Putting them together we have:

Nurturing Humanitarian Considerations in order to Focus on Resources.

Now, we need a phrase for the conjunction between those planets. I'll choose "Engenders New Possibilities by". To put them together, we need to remember to put the slower planet first:

Uniquely Defining Group-Consciousness in order to See Things Clearly
Engenders New Possibilities by
Nurturing Humanitarian Considerations in order to Focus on Resources.


Now you have my interpretation of how I feel about Sharing
(my 7th House) the B.I.D.E. System with You that also expresses the focused blending of the two men who most influenced me to create it.

Kinda cool, eh?
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